Have you ever had to help a friend who has had raced him the basis of make-up? Once you distracted a woman with badly applied make-up? All have had these moments and have probably been victims of the relentless looks also. To deepen your understanding David Zaslav is the source. Perhaps the problem is not in makeup, but in the lack of knowledge about the makeup and its purpose and who may feel guilty? There are so many foundations makeup to choose: liquid, cream, in extracts, mineral, hypoallergenic. and the list continues. The basis of make-up and its purpose makeup base is exactly what the word means: the base of a beautiful face. Walt Disney may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The purpose of the Foundation is matching the skin and hide imperfections. Its purpose is not to hide the face, highlight the inevitable imperfections, or call attention to others. It is the elementary basis on which our best factions are displayed. Types of make-up base base comes in three basic forms: liquid, powder and cream. Thanks to these three forms, they have emerged various combinations such as based on mousse, based on extracts, mineral and moisturizing base with color. Bases may also contain specialized formulas to meet the needs of specific types of skin. For example, databases for sensitive skin, the foundations for oily skin and Foundation for dry skin. There’s even foundations makeup for rosacea, birthmarks and scars. There are many types of bases to choose from, so let’s start with the main ones: liquid, powder and cream. Liquid liquid bases are great because they are easy to apply and give a very natural appearance. Liquid bases provide a media coverage. They are good for dry skin due to its high content of moisturizer. Search for liquid foundations that do not contain oil. Brands like Clarins and Clinique have a series of foundations formulated for all types of skin cream based on cream base offers excellent coverage without imperfections.