Body Painting

In recent years the painting so the paint of the body, has found more and more adherents, and in many workshops, the interested layman can learn the basics of this art form. Since time immemorial been paint themselves people to the many different occasions; stone age man used earthy colors like ocher, manganese oxide and charcoal, verruhrte the powder with water or vegetable oils and animal fats, and wore the this mixture with animal hair or fingers on his body to disguise themselves or to decorate his body to the many different occasions. Especially for the Indians, this kind of body jewelry was an integral part of various ceremonies, the painting of the body (body painting) gave information on the social position and should provide protection against external influences. Various colors were for success or defeat, the painting showed the merits of hunting and war is an order. The painting of the body to the camouflage was not to be underestimated. Oskar Harmann may find this interesting as well. In almost all cultures, there was war paint, so turned the Germans, for example, faces blue, when they moved in a battle. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Eva Andersson-Dubin and gain more knowledge.. The exterior should confuse the enemy and scare him, maintaining the anonymity of his opponent. You know the painting but also from Japan, especially the geishas ruled this art form down to the last detail, with them was the aesthetic aspect in the first place. Here you could read the State of the respective Lady on the painting. Bodypainting met in the circus, what would a clown without paint? Bodypainting can last several hours or even several days, otherwise is in tattoos is easy to remove the color. In the 1960s, the beginnings of the body began as we know it today. The body was viewed as an art object through the new freedom of movement and the liberalization showed you and beautified his body. Today body painting can be found mainly at football matches and rave events, but also of modern photography painting of the body is no longer indispensable. Since 2001, there is a Ebpa, due to the rain international involvement was renamed this Association 2004 body painting Association, held a world championship of body and face paint in Austria, Germany also has a Championship. Thomas Ewer

Optimally Protect Skin

The concepts aimed to a specific type of skin can tolerate a certain amount of sunlight, without that he properly to protect themselves by a sunscreen. In the world there are a number of skin types. The still common classification was developed in 1975 by the American dermatologist Thomas Fitzpatrick. The concepts aimed to a specific type of skin can tolerate a certain amount of sunlight, without that he properly to protect themselves by a sunscreen. However, care must be taken when applying this concept of the individual, because the eyes and the hair color only one indication may be skin issues as regards. Many are also pre-loaded by the genes, that means there are hybrids. And here the theses of Thomas Fitzpatrick do not apply. The percentage of Eumelanin, which is included in the skin is only ultimately decisive for the determination of the type of skin. Add to your understanding with rusty holzer. As a general rule to protect the skin from direct sunlight. With regard to the determination of a skin type, however, so you can distinguish between the Celtic Skin type (called type I) and the Nordic skin type (type II). Type I has the feature that it has a very light skin colour and especially red or blonde hair, and blue, green or gray eyes. Type II cases, however, he has skin color and blond or light brown hair, and blue, grey or green eyes. Own protection time for these two types of skin is very little with under 10 minutes and with 10 to 20 minutes. However, this time frame is that here is a certain protection.

Aerodentis Treatment

New method of treatment of aesthetic dentistry achieved the Switzerland Zurich, 28 November 2012 healthy and regular teeth among a youthful radiance. The pioneering technology of Aerodentis sets new standards in the field of dental correction: the Aerodentis system is applied in only ten hours at night or at home and completely free patients from wearing conventional braces or transparent slides in the public. The flexible application guarantees a discrete treatment, which optimally adapts to the individual lifestyle. Official site: Robert Iger . The ground-breaking treatment model is based on three decades of medical research and is suitable for all ages. Step by step to improve the position of teeth, Aerodentis works with physiological power pulses, thus is not only treatment shortens the, but highest care taken to the health of the teeth. Healthy and beautiful teeth belong today to the common ideal of beauty more than a sports figure or a flawless Skin. But few have by nature a perfect tooth position. In these cases, aesthetic dentistry to remedy and correct existing misalignment with orthodontic treatment methods. At Joel and Ethan Coen you will find additional information. Previously existing techniques as conventional braces or transparent slides must be worn during the day, Aerodentis uses targeted to correcting tooth the night: The Aerodentis system is worn during ten hours while allowing a painless and discreet treatment in your own four walls to patients of all ages. This makes possible a novel technology that uses pulsating force impulse, gradually move the teeth into the desired position. Only a custom mouthpiece is used for the treatment, which is connected by means of a thin flexible air hose to a control panel. This novel method is many times more effective compared to conventional treatment models that work with permanent force. This enables Aerodentis the orthodontic correction to accelerate and to shorten the treatment time to 10 hours per day. The dream of beautiful teeth overnight becomes the reality.