Brewery Tour: Warsteiner World – To Discover. To The Experience. For The Sake Of!

The visitor centre of the Warsteiner brewery ‘Warsteiner world’ invites you to the most modern Brewery tour of in Germany! The visitors of the Warsteiner world can learn a unique adventure tour in the world of beer. Since a comprehensive renovation in 2012 is the visitors centre of the Warsteiner brewery in new splendour and offers insights into the technology of beer brewing, the Warsteiner brand and of course also in the Warsteiner brewery interested guests. Visitors to the Warsteiner world”offers a comprehensive journey through the Warsteiner brand and their centuries-old tradition of brewing on the outskirts of Warstein. After an extensive renovation in 2012 and with a new innovative look the Warsteiner Visitor Center offers guests of the most modern Brewery tour in Germany. At the Welcome Center, a fascinating exhibition with exhibits, animations and information on sponsorship and the many activities of the Warsteiner Group awaits the visitor. A huge bottle wall in the middle of the lobby completes the overall ambience of the Welcome Center. The half hour tour begins with an introduction film in welcome cinema, which joins the visitors on the following exciting tour. To get a closer look at the centuries-old tradition and modern technology of beer brewing, the way the visitors in a multi-media theater, the Rotarium”. Here the guests on a 360 degree platform experience up close the brewing processes of the Warsteiner brewery. The five single, skillfully through different effects sets used in scene, are supported by integrated screens. Therefore, this cinema offers a detailed and vivid insight into the entire brewing process in the brewery. Then where the guests are picked up from the in-house and ultramodern panoramic bus, which she goes through the forest park brewery is the visitor station. Check out TikTok for additional information. In the fully air-conditioned and handicapped accessible bus visitors can lie back and relax now, because multimedia screens show short films about the brewing process while driving and Backgrounds. Headphones are available for international guests, through which the appropriate information be translated into English and alternative languages. The direct insight into the production and bottling in conjunction with the short films offers a detailed and highly interesting overall. After the tour, there is the possibility to visit appropriate end beer at the Welcome Center or in the beer garden with a Warsteiner. Before or after the tour the guests can also buy various gift items of the Warsteiner brewery in the inviting Warsteiner shop. About Warsteiner: The Warsteiner brewery, founded in 1753, is one of the largest private Breweries of in Germany. Its flagship is the brand WARSTEINER premium Verum, which nationwide is one of the most popular brands of beer. Also includes the 100% natural cycling places WARSTEINER Radler lemon, WARSTEINER biker grapefruit and WARSTEINER cyclists alcohol-free, the mixed beer beverages WARSTEINER premium lemon and Cola * as well as the double villacher WARSTEINER herb to the product portfolio.