Cottage Construction

A man who values its traditions to build a wooden country house in the best traditions of our culture. Build a cottage business rather time-consuming, especially of real wood. The main part of a wooden house – it's frame. He a log box, which has no floor, roof and sheathing. A log house is made up of rims. Crowns – this is of log construction, laid at right angles and fastened together with special locks. The number of crowns depends on the height of the house. For even more opinions, read materials from madison hospital. To collect the crowns, you must have, first of all, accurate representation of the technology, and secondly, the skills of working with wood. It is particularly difficult to carry out work at height. If the first attempt failed at the height of the log processed and put on the prepared place, it is necessary to remove, re-measure, to conduct the final treatment and again raise the top. The forests, which can be used in construction, do not always come to the rescue carpenters. So often erect frame parts. The essence of this work lies in the fact that part of the log, up to a maximum height of a man going on the ground. After this part of the log is parsed is stored up, and again collected. Thus, one can avoid embarrassing mistakes. In this case, even the forest is not required. Incidentally, the construction of wooden houses has secrets of shifting the logs that facilitates the movement of crowns on top. What tools should be on hand at decorating a cottage? First, of course, you need a carpenter's hatchet. It should not be difficult or uncomfortable for humans. Even then, as it is in the hand of a carpenter, has a large value. No less important are the following tools: chisel, a hacksaw, plumb line, two-handled saw, spades, clamp, level. Necessarily require measuring devices: measuring tapes, squares, rulers. For marking and useful crayons, pencils, an awl and lanyard. Specific instrument for the construction of a wooden house is a "woman." This tool is a small lumps, in which both sides vkolocheny metal braces. "Baba" is used to set the logs on the intended location by tapping on it. In addition, the need to make yourself a template by which to cut out the elements of the castle crown. Many tools can successfully replace the chainsaw. It will not only facilitate work carpenter, but also significantly reduce the time required for construction. For okonopachivaniya sutures used other tools. These are konopatki (composing and curve), road builder and a hammer-mushel. With all the tools, we can safely proceed to the erection of the framework.


In the long winter evenings just time to think about settling area near your home or cottage. Undoubtedly, the best solution is to create the most beloved family corner – arbors. A bit of work – to look through books, magazines, look on the Internet and, of course, the familiar, a little imagination, and the image of gazebo of your dreams finally formed in the mind. Before embarking on the implementation of plans, consider where it will rise And this building. Gazebo looks good in the garden in the shade of a tree near a pond and fountain. Place for it is desirable to choose such that not much looked through the eyes of neighbors or passers-by. It's your nook for quiet family breakfasts, lunches and dinners, talks about her personally, with the beloved, beloved, friend, friend, children, for the reception and celebration of important events. Material for construction may be wood, stone, brick, glass, plastic, metal or various combinations. Has become fashionable nowadays to make an arbor with outdoor barbecue stove or barbecue – a place for cooking on outdoor faucet and sink for washing food and utensils cabinet for them as one part of it and a table with benches or chairs – to another. Very comfortable and practical. The size of construction depends on the number of people who will spend time in it. Pergolas are open and closed. Shape – very diverse: round, square, rectangular, six-or octagonal or even oval. Wooden pergolas can paint at will and taste, but you can not paint, just soak wood varnish. Typically, a gazebo no glass. But the pavilion, made of vertical poles and old window frames, good protection from wind, besides from it will be beautiful views in all directions. Depending on the style in which you have soaked the house, garden, yard, the entire site, build and gazebo: a tower of a fairy tale, a Japanese house, a fortress with turrets, tracery, romantic or rigorous in its simplicity. It does not matter whether a gazebo made of wood hands of professionals, or alone is not important – the main thing that you like. But the individual elements that are added to its design: creepers, flowers, curtains, decorations on the walls made of natural materials, a pattern-a mosaic of pieces unnecessary tiles – make your gazebo most comfortable and beautiful. After creating a small paradise, you have invested in his soul!