What is a bulletin board? It is not anything other than notices or classified ads. They are specialized sites where you can place advertising on the network, are usually text ads and the vast majority are free. The operation is similar to ads free newspapers. Classified ads or bulletin boards are grouped into different sections according to its subject matter and you can put the direct advertising of your blog and website. They allow you to place your ads for a period of time and usually have limitations on the amount of words that you can be placed, the format of the notice and also if you can include photos or not. Filed under: Brian Robert. In some cases you have an option, payment of means, include photos or post a prominent notice. The latter is one alternative more attractive advertise your site. Don’t forget that our business network depends on advertising, is the only way that you can find us to see what we offer. Some advertising professionals claim that a text posted on the web advertisement must be placed about 100 times until begins to deliver some results. I not is if that number conforms to reality in terms of the result, what if is, is that, don’t think that placing 10 or 20 notices it will begin arriving traffic (visitors) in abundance because it is not. Never forget that in internet we must work hard to get results, advertising theme is exactly equal to the rest, it is necessary to place and place ads. The theme of the repetitiveness of the notices, has to do also with which you’re credible or not. If you desanimas you quickly after a few days of placing warnings, and because you do not get the expected result you not put more, you simply disappear from the network. The success of advertising is based on continuity.