At the annual fair around the garden theme, there is always crazier things for the visitors. At the annual fair around the garden theme, there is always crazier things for the visitors. The exhibition of the garden houses is particularly popular and heavily frequented during the fair. Eva Andersson-Dubin has much experience in this field. Because for every taste here is the correct object. There are garden sheds, which are perfectly adapted to the main house. And accordingly, look like the House in miniature. Of course, this endeavor has its price. There are also garden houses, which are painted extremely flashy and where actually twice looked to be must. Colorful, checkered or in Strip there are very crazy designs, which of course have their fee. But still, those summerhouses that simply adapt to in the ambience of a tastefully decorated garden are particularly popular. Because less is more often, and this also applies to the selection of garden sheds. Also, the fair shows why log cabins are suitable. You for example during the colder months, harboring valuable plants or can provide a shady spot in the summer. Some people remodel their house a hobby room, too, where you can build or paint. Garden houses can be suitable also for the breeding of rare plants. The visitors of the fair thus not bad amazed when various usability is run them by a Garden House in the mind. It is not in vain, that anyone should have visited once such an exhibition. It can only benefit the neighbours if they can then look at a chic garden. During the fair, you can so give a good overview of the theme garden. Many visitors are surprised if the amount of interested parties. Garden maintenance and design of on-site green no longer is something for Mary-Ann? Nowadays a tastefully furnished and flowered garden belongs to a fancy House. Everyone should know this.

Liquid Wallpaper

At the present time, where heating costs are always higher, alternatives are sought. Liquid wallpaper or plaster cotton as the material also called there for several hundred years. The old Japanese have papered your rooms with this existing cotton and silk wallpaper. In Germany, liquid wallpaper is offered now for over 25 years and still this fantastic material is almost unknown. Liquid wallpaper is not only very nice looks, she also has some properties, which are very useful. Liquid wallpaper consists of what? Liquid wallpaper consists mainly of cotton fibres and cellulose, which are depending on the decor, small or big. As a binder, a normal cell glue like him is everyone of the paper should know. The various colors and patterns caused by differently colored cotton fibers, as we know it in our textiles. There are single-color, white, mixed and with different effects liquid wallpaper. Anyone can do this quite as you like or own mix. What properties does Liquid wallpaper? It is thermal insulation. Cotton due to the material, a heat insulation is created automatically. 1mm liquid wallpaper is equivalent to approx. 1 mm Styrupor. It is breathable. Liquid wallpaper makes breathing so the walls and prevents stains. She is always ausbesserbar. Scratches and stains can be repaired very easily. It is antistatic. The material is dust. Even after many years, no white edges behind images will be visible and you can simply handle teaching. How do I handle liquid wallpaper? The processing of liquid wallpaper is very easy and can be performed by anyone. Usually, the material in a dry state in sachets is supplied. Simply open the bag and give the material in a plastic bucket or a plastic tub. Then simply add the amount specified on the bag of lukewarm water, knead it with your hands and leave it rise for 45min. Then you can apply it with a plastic trowel on the wall or ceiling. Allow to dry the material. and you’re done. For people who want to reshape their spaces, liquid wallpaper is a real alternative to the other wall and ceiling coverings. Who would like to have more information about liquid wallpaper, and their application, may like to read on. Tino Illgen indoor designer UG Bahnhofstrasse 4 06258 Schkopau

The Pool For The Own Garden

Selection, operation and maintenance of swimming pools is an important thing. A wading pool in the garden is the dream of many home and garden owners and in this day and age it should be no problem, to realize this wish. Instead visit the crowded outdoor swimming pools in the warm season, you can create is an own romantic small oasis of well-being with a swimming pool where you can relax after a stressful day. The design of the pool area may last but not least be extremely diverse due to the many different forms in which swimming pools are available. Particularly popular is in addition to the L-shape, kidney shape but also round or rectangle pools are available in the trade. In addition, you have the choice between steel wall pools, above ground pools up to a high-quality swimming pools depending on the budget amount and claim. The easiest way is the film pool that practically by itself done the installation where water is filled into the slide and rises to the edge with increasing height itself. You get this pool up to about 5.5 meters in diameter. Maintaining good water, a new filling is not necessary in the current season, he should however drained at the end of the bathing season, clean and safely stored. They tend to a permanent placement of the pool, you have the choice between a set above ground pool or a pool which can leave in the ground, lifting out a hole earlier. For this purpose, special metal or plastic trays are available. The model of the tiled pool is luxurious but also expensive. So that you can enjoy at their pool, missed is definitely not a tarpaulin to overstay after every bath in the evening, so that water quality is maintained and ends up not leaves or other in the pool. The water should be do not only look clean, but mainly also free of bacteria and Keimem. To ensure this you not do without chlorine, which is also available in tablet form.

Traditional Asian Tea Made

as well as more decorative and functional accessories from porcelain and hardwood new product: traditional Asian tea service from high-quality Chinese celadon porcelain with five small cups of tea and bamboo mats. This traditional, Asian tea set is handmade of high-quality Chinese celadon porcelain and is burned in a special process, which gives a unique surface structure of the tea pot and cups. The special is that the cracks in the structure by the hot tea colour change to soft Golden tones. This makes this tea set exclusive to a living product that changes with the habits and thus can tell a story. A hand-made cord in the Asian style combines the lid of the pot with the handle. The jug is equipped with an integrated filter for tea leaves, therefore no extra filter must be used. The contents of the pot enough for exactly five cups. The five cups with the flat, sprawling design fit perfectly into this traditional set and equipped with ever an icon at the bottom, which has a special meaning: the turtle stands for longevity, fish for wealth, the five-petalled flower for strength and health, and the vielblattrige flower for peace. Harmony for all five senses: taste and smell of tea, the artistic design of the cup of soil, which is visible through the tea, the pleasant feel of the high-quality material and the full sound with a toast of the cups. The set is perfect for example for the Chinese tea ceremony Gong Fu Cha. Gong Fu Cha literally means “Tea prepared with great skill”. Drinking this delightful art of tea, dynasty emerged in Ming China. Typical for this kind of tea you are very small, handleless cups of tea and a small pot. The pot guaranteed fresh tea, because the content only for a few cups is enough and thus for each infusion of hot water needs to be refilled. -Tea pot (250 ml, 14 x 9 x 9 cm), – five Tea cups (55 ml, 70 x 35 mm each) – bamboo coasters (28 cm) more accessories and gift ideas made of high quality porcelain and wood you find in our online store at