Japanese Motifs

And sometimes in the forms of water, too hiding some sort of mystery and symbolism with its special meaning. Applying this knowledge in today's small garden on the full implementation of the Japanese style, of course, talking is not very serious. But we are able to use some of its Japanese motifs. That is a Japanese garden at his site, or you embody all, or devote to him only a fragment of your existing space or territory. Wall space required in the room and place interior of the Japanese. " According to this style can be drawn inside a neat yard, some details of decorating your home, keeping all these achievements mood. Determinants in the shape of the courtyard will serve as grayish color of natural stone, as well as shades of green foliage of ornamental trees and shrubs. A place of contemplation, solitude or rest from the bustle outside and have a distant world separates the high fence. Evergreen trees Here are dominant. Path from the gravel will lead you to a simple but unusual bench of stone, some of which are low ornamental shrubs. Of course, those who are accustomed to a Japanese tea party, is required symbolic spot where you can hold a tea ceremony. Special knowledge on gardening from here you do not need, and does not take much time. The main thing – it's compliance measures. On a platform of wood, straw mat spreads itself Corner separated from the total area of bamboo fence, through which meanders honeysuckle.