Eugene Ionesco

As a curiosity from all this, it should be noted that nostalgia has been given what is called the night of nostalgia, as celebrates it the Uruguay, thereon the night of Nostalgia is the night of August 24 and is the event Uruguayan of greater call in what regards to evening out. A large number of festivals are organized in clubs, dance clubs and mountable tents mainly for dancing with music from the decades of the 60, 70, 80 and 90. Wikipedia org tells us. the night of nostalgia has become a business, which is a major commercial focus in the environment of the entertainment that gives work to restaurants, discos, DJs, grooms, promoters caterers, rental of infrastructures for parties, security, lighting, amplification, transport, services and up to hotels of high rotativity with special promotions at night. Together with the festivities of Christmas and new year’s night of nostalgia becomes one of the events that more people summons to festivals. Even considered that it is exceeded in movement of people to the festivities of new year’s Eve that on that day they tend to leave older as a young, married as unmarried to remember old times or not so much depending on age. It is usually common output with all members of the family dancing at the same place, somewhat difficult the rest of the year in which is would opt to attend each one to a different place according to the music of your choice. Finally, let us not forget that expresses Eugene Ionesco, that: the fact of being inhabited by an incomprehensible nostalgia would, finally, after all, the indication that there is a beyond. Why not the anonymous who said: nostalgia is to feel heat and cold at the same time, is the full certainty that happiness was ever on your wings.