The provider prima Mobile brings to brand new tariffs on D NET quality on the market Berlin, October 2012 the carrier revised the existing tariff portfolio in his online shop fine mobile GmbH and brings four new mobile phone tariffs at the start. With the new ALLNET FLAT on the D NET there is now a true mobile Flatrate in all mobile phone networks of in Germany and the German fixed line network and an Internet flat rate. In addition, monthly 100 free SMS to mobile phones can be used. Details can be found by clicking David Zaslav or emailing the administrator. The special thing about this offer is the price, because this is in the first two years only 24.99 per month. Customers save nearly 15 during the duration of the minimum so every month. As a special tariff for beginners, the tariff is ALLNET 50, where customers benefit free SMS every month from 50 free minutes in all German mobile phone networks and the fixed network, as well as 20. The monthly fee of only 4.95 there in an action the first three months even more free. Jack Buckinghams opinions are not widely known. The tariff of ALLNET 350 so got an update, that with the renaming to ALLNET 350 SMART for new customers now an Internet flat rate included is. Therefore, it is suitable also for Smartphone users. The customers are also monthly 350 free minutes and 50 SMS available. To the low monthly fee of only 19,85 in the first year, there is free an Android Smartphone as a special highlight at the start. The tariff remains faithful to his recipe for success 8 WIN. Calls and SMS to all German networks cost only 8 cents per minute/SMS. Smartphone users can also enjoy monthly 20 MB of free Internet usage. As independence is capitalized, because there is no minimum term and no monthly fee. New welcome bonus, customers receive 100 free minutes to all German networks during the first 3 months. All fares are offered on the D NET, offer best quality of connection. The company the fine mobile GmbH is a young company with seat in Berlin, which was founded in early 2008. prima mobile already for many years on the belongs to the Berlin-based prima holding GmbH, Telecommunications market is working and here brings a wealth of experience from which the young fine mobile GmbH can draw. prima mobile is focused on the mobile market and would like to offer customers a low cost way of mobile communication. These include not only price, but also rates tailored to the needs of the individual user groups and clear price structures, which offer a good transparency. Because the individual customer wishes assist prima mobile in the first place. Press contact Nicole Labusch fine mobile GmbH Ullsteinstr. 120 12109 Berlin 030-206 143 800

Mobile Internet In China

With your mobile phone while abroad, it is always expensive, who much on the phone can have same costs for mobile phones easily as for the trip. Many do not recommend on the phone if it rings. I get asked what you must keep in mind if you planning a trip to China and would not renounce his cell phone again and again. With your mobile phone while abroad, it is always expensive, who much on the phone can have same costs for mobile phones easily as for the trip. Many do not recommend on the phone if it rings. Just call back if you have a cheap option. This is of course a possibility, but why should I take my phone if I’m not taking an incoming call and how do I know that it was not just an important call? In many countries you can buy calling cards. In China, this is usually not possible because you go always back out from the territories of the provider. So always call leave if it is somewhere in the hotel. That sounds kinda frustrating right from the beginning, but is only half the truth. What is required now? Apply in China other technical requirements for mobile communication. Before one has fixed idea to crash site in a mobile shop on his journey and it will be looked at as if you landed from another planet, you should know that used in the SIM card as we know it from Europe to China. If you want to use your own mobile phone ensure prior to your trip that it also operates in China, which is not a problem with the standard tri-band phones. If you’re home bound to a contract with your network provider, make sure that you on your mobile phone not SIM-lock and can use also other SIM cards. If all else fails, you can buy a cheap prepaid phone to on-site or leased. With such a prepaid phone you must however take into account that in some areas no or poor reception is and you should inform yourself exactly how much is a call to the home country. The alternative is if you are a prepaid card before traveling by service providers who are familiar with prices, rates and costs in China. That has not only the advantage that you can experience any unpleasant surprises and his own cell phone may not work or in the area where you just stop doing this not working at all. It is not just in one place, Yes on the way to see the world. With such a prepaid SIM card for China by King offered, you can in China not only free call but also very cheap call home and on his own mobile phone number will be called, which is redirected for free on your phone number after China. Another advantage is the use of the Internet with such a SIM card. So you can transform his laptop as a navigation device, or as a personal translator right now and will not be lost on his trip. You can find out quite quickly and easily how long you can call and which SIM card is now right, with the SIM card Configurator. The SIM card service by King by businessmen and tour operators like used to free China to call or fully exploit mobile Internet to can hold no matter where located in China also.