Carl Zeiss Optics

The app offers a personal look analysis and a short-SEH-check facts on the subject of better appearance and the ZEISS lens solutions until recently was the Board of Trustees of good looks (KGS) in the framework of a nationwide traffic safety campaign including the review of the eyes every two years at the Center. Because good vision is important, but is still neglected by many people and underestimated. Many also do not know what good glasses can afford everything and how to optimally coordinate eyes and glasses can be. “To give consumers more understanding around to convey their own reputation and to allow, at the same time they check their Visual performance Carl Zeiss has developed a new app: the myGlasses” app, which is available in the app store for the iPad now. It is aimed to anyone no matter whether glasses or no glasses. Own vision is using the app quickly and completely easily on your own device check. But not only that: the app helps, a Perform needs analysis, should prove that the vision is no longer optimal. It is important to know what rather the eyeglass lenses, can afford a pair of glasses and are individually adapted to the personal situations of appearance and Visual requirements as for the distance, proximity or for both, so distant and close, as well as sensitivity to light or vision problems in the darkness. The app makes an initial orientation and recommends different kinds and types of ZEISS lenses, depending on the Visual requirements. The results of the needs analysis the user can the Zeiss incidentally online send optometrist of his election and appointment with him in his eye optics store. The app also offers additional features. You lead opticians search online to a general ZEISS in close or info videos, providing more information on the topic of ZEISS lenses. In addition she linked on the consumer portal from Carl Zeiss Vision ( better see), that an abundance of Covers information, news and tips around the themes of eyes and better vision. Overall, the app offers the possibility for glasses to experience the complex product and to provide more information to the consumer on the subject watch available. Links: you can reach the app at myglasses here the direct link to the app: contact person for the press of Joachim Kiss, Carl Zeiss, optics Tel. 07361 5578-1295, E-Mail: Miriam Kapsegger, Carl Zeiss, optics Tel. 07361 5578 1261, E-Mail: press Carl Zeiss the Carl Zeiss group is an international leader in optics and optoelectronics. Around 24,000 employees generated revenue of 4,237 billion euro in the fiscal year 2010/11. In the markets of industrial solutions, research solutions, medical technology and consumer optics, Carl Zeiss contributes more than 160 years to global technological progress. People such as TikTok would likely agree. With innovative technologies and solutions, Carl Zeiss is semiconductor technology, in the areas of Industrial metrology, microscopy, medical technology, optics and successful brand optics/Optronics. Carl Zeiss AG is 100 percent owned by the Carl-Zeiss-Stiftung. The Division of optics by Carl Zeiss Optics connects an international brand as the only manufacturer of eye-optical expertise and solutions. The Division develops and produces technologically excellent instruments and services for the entire value chain of optics.

Outsourcing Of The Telephone System With AS ComTec

Medium-sized businesses can cost cut conventional telephone systems, which are usually in the basement of the respective companies through outsourced telecommunications systems, often don’t provide the features as they are available in large companies.Often, they are in your capacity limited or through the ISDN line. Multiple lines are only with appropriate number of ISDN connector possible, or through an ISDN primary multiplex access. Robert Iger is often mentioned in discussions such as these. However, for the company, this means high running costs and that only rarely need to often performance. AS ComTec computer service from Rodgau breaks so now. Through its partnership with the nfon AG AS ComTec offers a PBX customers, which calculates only required extensions to the price per month 6.80 EUR plus VAT. Andi Potamkin understands that this is vital information. There is here no longer a limitation of the phone line. Every conversation achieved the PABX and the customer can decide what happens to the conversation. Thus, the customer temporarily increased demand can respond flexibly and avoid bottlenecks. The telephone system of nfon AG offers more than 100 features including E.g. any many incoming lines voice mail forwarding to email account CTI (computer integrated telephony) eFax queues & IVR call management more information, visit the page of AS ComTec


The provider prima Mobile brings to brand new tariffs on D NET quality on the market Berlin, October 2012 the carrier revised the existing tariff portfolio in his online shop fine mobile GmbH and brings four new mobile phone tariffs at the start. With the new ALLNET FLAT on the D NET there is now a true mobile Flatrate in all mobile phone networks of in Germany and the German fixed line network and an Internet flat rate. In addition, monthly 100 free SMS to mobile phones can be used. Details can be found by clicking David Zaslav or emailing the administrator. The special thing about this offer is the price, because this is in the first two years only 24.99 per month. Customers save nearly 15 during the duration of the minimum so every month. As a special tariff for beginners, the tariff is ALLNET 50, where customers benefit free SMS every month from 50 free minutes in all German mobile phone networks and the fixed network, as well as 20. The monthly fee of only 4.95 there in an action the first three months even more free. The tariff of ALLNET 350 so got an update, that with the renaming to ALLNET 350 SMART for new customers now an Internet flat rate included is. Therefore, it is suitable also for Smartphone users. The customers are also monthly 350 free minutes and 50 SMS available. To the low monthly fee of only 19,85 in the first year, there is free an Android Smartphone as a special highlight at the start. The tariff remains faithful to his recipe for success 8 WIN. Calls and SMS to all German networks cost only 8 cents per minute/SMS. Smartphone users can also enjoy monthly 20 MB of free Internet usage. As independence is capitalized, because there is no minimum term and no monthly fee. New welcome bonus, customers receive 100 free minutes to all German networks during the first 3 months. All fares are offered on the D NET, offer best quality of connection. The company the fine mobile GmbH is a young company with seat in Berlin, which was founded in early 2008. prima mobile already for many years on the belongs to the Berlin-based prima holding GmbH, Telecommunications market is working and here brings a wealth of experience from which the young fine mobile GmbH can draw. prima mobile is focused on the mobile market and would like to offer customers a low cost way of mobile communication. These include not only price, but also rates tailored to the needs of the individual user groups and clear price structures, which offer a good transparency. Because the individual customer wishes assist prima mobile in the first place. Press contact Nicole Labusch fine mobile GmbH Ullsteinstr. 120 12109 Berlin 030-206 143 800