Oleg Reshetnikov

The musicians of Chaif Vladimir V. Perhaps check out Jeff Bewkes for more information. Shahrin and runners met in 1976 during his school years, where she played in a team, and by 1984. Create the final kolelktiv Chaif: V. Shahrin, Oleg Reshetnikov, Vadim Kukushkin and B. Runners. The first concert took place in September 1985. Celina Dubin understands that this is vital information. in dc swc. Then the band released an album under the name of entry, "Life in pink smoke." In 1987. The team earned the Audience Award at the festival in Riga recorded two albums "module with poppy" and "Dermontin. The following year the team began to sound a bit heavier due to come to the group for beginners, and has created an album called "The best city in Europe." The beginning of the 1990s noted major tour programs to Russia and the cis and some European countries. The group takes part in various rock festivals, and even takes the lead for the Rock of clean water, all the while gaining popularity among fans. In 1994. Represented by the initial speaker program, as well as the band performs at Red Square and writes 2 clips. In 1995, not tired Chaif celebrate a decade of collective and 20 birthday with activities Shahrin-Begunova, Chaif travels around the country with the largest premium turom.V 1996 the group added bassist B. Dvinin, perfectly blended with the team. In the same year took place on 2 large concert gktsz Russia, summer is over in Political tours with groups of groups "Agatha Christie", "Alice", "Spleen", etc. Plus, the band managed to write the book "Real World" and a few clips of the songs. 1997. Marked by large-scale concert programs in Europe and a major concert on Red Square. The following year mark the launch of the best songs, a variety of concerts, album "Schekogali and unprecedented tours" Rooks Have Come. " Chaif considered old-timers "Maksidroma" and filmed a few clips. A large number of days spent on tour with various gruppami.V new millennium is a record collection "Sympathy", which included many famous songs alterations musicians. In the ssc "Olympic" Chaif managed to collect twenty thousand students and has earned the award ovation.

Birgit Langer – Tears You Laugh

“The new maxi – single by Birgit Langer – tears you laugh courage to change: after many years Fernando express” BIRGIT LANGER takes off alone now. With her voice, she helped the Kings of the dance palaces”to countless hits, was front woman and trademark in one and enchanted nature so many hit a heart with her of course sympathetic. discovered in 1990 in the Rudi Carell show”where she won with the title Julian” by Mandy Winter joining the Fernando express her first singing contest was swiftly followed by”. But the dream remained after his solo career and the will to realize itself grew from day to day. To Birgit: I left the formation at his own request. After almost 20 years, it was time for something else. I would like to introduce more of me in the future, me show who and how I am really without regulated to be. I am a dyed in the wool 68-erin and born in the zodiac sign of Aries. It is said the Rams after they pursue once sights and very reliable are. I put a new target, and sometimes it takes courage to change.” And exactly this change in presence and music can be visible and especially heard: new team, new concept and new sound presents itself confident, single-minded BIRGIT LANGER and modern. Honest words: easy, it was never to go this way. Went through the night, fire and ice. “Every dream has a price” poetic and yet authentic BIRGIT LANGER sings about her past experience in the music business and handles both good and less good in their first radio single tears that you laugh “, which is expected to will be published in spring 2010 by EMI Music Germany (Electrola) as a maxi-single. In the almost autobiographical form describes their emotional world BIRGIT LANGER, holds review, enumerates events without thereby infringing on others: you can no longer cry tears that you laugh. I learned a lot, friend to stand upright now. Am strong again as if never what happen.” Honest and powerful words, the true to not have to. And also the view describes the singer with exact rows forward, their own future: feel the force, understand the meaning. Farewell is a new beginning. Hold the happiness in my hands.” This message documented BIRGIT Langer’s newly gained understanding of self and a first impression of their formal and substantive freedom. “Contemporary sound: clear dynamically rhythmically together with the composer and producer Tommy Mustac and the lyricist Marc Hiller, the life-affirming title was tears that you laugh”, which focuses on contemporary productions of construction as well as from the arc of melody and stands out clearly from Birgit’s past. With an advanced sound spectrum that calls for great voice quality and stresses in the gloss, a refrain that is filling out 8 bars stretches a wide verse. In combination with BIRGIT Langer’s musical interpretation and a powerful arrangement, a distinctive style emerged, which whets the appetite for more. “Outlook: tears you laugh” is the harbinger of the appearing on the March 26 CD maxi single. This includes BIRGIT LANGER: a childhood dream come true for me. Finally I can show what’s in me and what really moves me. I very much hope I continue seeing people’s hearts with my music. The tension on what comes is great, my joy much bigger”. Source: Emi music more information see: and