The idea with this article is to show a roadmap, basic concepts that guide you to have a notion of what we must learn to fully develop a MLM business on the internet. It is worth clarifying that there are people in my team, who have not yet implemented even 20% of what I present here, and are achieving results. Why, none of this will overwhelm, but rather to help you present or future decisions for your development as a networker. Here are 1) accurate knowledge of your business: logically, this is crucial, so that you can meet all kinds of concerns of your prospects and new members of your team. No detail should be left to chance, and if there is something you don’t know, ask your sponsor or support system of the company that you represent. (2) Works in a team: you must bear in mind that people who have trusted you and your proposal, need your help, very especially in the first few months. Help them to achieve results, remember that more importantly the depth of your Organization, as the width of the same. Focus on serious persons that you have on your computer, do not waste time on who does nothing. Probably, who today does not take action, tomorrow wakes up and turns into a great partner, leader and partner, but it is your decision. Attempts to contact him several times, but if it does not respond, your time dedicated to those who are committed to your success. Teamwork should be an indestructible and permanent pillar in your activity as a networker. (3) Organize regular meetings with your direct: sets, as far as possible, an outline of meeting, whether virtual or in person, with each one of your team members. A very good tool for doing so is Skype, that today lets you do several people meetings and screen sharing.