Taiwanese American United

President of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Ma Ying-jeou praises the stable relations between Taiwan and the United States, the Republic of China (Taiwan) President Ying-jeou confirmed MA on August 23 and the strong relations between Taiwan and the United States and called on it to strengthen further bilateral exchanges at various levels. Since I took office in May 2008, the low-key and surprise-free attitude of the Government with regard to the promotion of Taiwanese American relations has won respect and built successful mutual trust”, said Ma. The President made this statement during a reception at the Presidential Office in Taipei City, the American representative Judy Chu and Madeleine Bordallo, chairwoman of the Deputy of the US Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus. Ma said that the close relations between Taiwan and America were highlighted by its better than expected”treatment during his recent travels through in New York and Los Angeles, while his charted diplomatic visit to the allies in Paraguay and four Caribbean Nations. “I was impressed by the rank level of receiving officials and the warmth of the reception, which my delegation being shown, as well as the range and depth of the issues which I have discussed with US politicians.” Ma said that his meetings and phone calls with a variety of American lawmakers, confirmed that the Government on the right track was to promote their efforts, regional security and peace. Sea, the signing of the Taiwanese Japanese fishery agreement and the peaceful settlement of the fishing boat incident include the peace initiative in the East China with the Philippine Government. “The healthy state of the Taiwan United States relations is still supported by Taiwan’s purchase of weapons worth US$ 18.3 billion by the United States, opening for American beef imports, and the continuation of bilateral talks under the trade and investment framework agreement” (TIFA), President Ma said.