Guillermo Fernandez Vara

Gaspar Llamazares qualifies the decision of his party as a serious mistake colleagues. Fernandez-Vara believes that it is not fair to charge against UI for its decision. The PSOE respects the decision and says it will continue to work for the people of Extremadura. Reactions to the decision of IU’s refrain at the next meeting on the investiture of the autonomous Presidency of Extremadura, which will mean the arrival of the PP to the Government of the autonomous community, not been made wait. The first has been the Deputy in Congress and general coordinator of IU, Gaspar Llamazares, described serious error and nothing wise decision, which abide by but not to share it. In statements to Llamazares acknowledged that, although democracy is democracy, allowing PP ascends to power in this autonomous community is primarily anthropological and sociological confusion because of left-wing voters don’t understand the right turn of IU. Moreover, he stressed that UI should be faithful to what they promised in the election campaign, avoiding passing on the right either by active or passive and acknowledged that this attitude can do much harm to the party. In his opinion, although this decision has prevailed the reality of Extremadura, with a political reflection the party would have taken a very different direction and recalled the case of Asturias, where IU supported the PP causing a setback for the party and for the asturians, in addition to a very important political crisis. Minutes after knowing the decision of UI in Extremadura, Llamazares wrote on the Twitter social network that his party not complying with the word since the decision doesn’t understand voter, besides that facilitates the hood clip. Fernandez-Vara believes that it is not fair to charge against the outgoing President of the Junta de Extremadura IU and candidate of the PSOE, Guillermo Fernandez-Vara, has opined in his Twitter account about the decision of IU refrain the Assembly of Extremadura. While this leaves out his party from the Government, and himself as President of the Extremadura Board, the Socialist leader has called for respect for the decision by the left-wing coalition, and said that his party does not evades its responsibility. For Vara, IU could have mitigated our evil result, but has ensured that it is not fair to charge against them for their decision. In turn, he opted to not seek officials outside the party, since us somewhat. Finally, he wished good luck to the PP by and for Extremadura, but warned that both the popular and UI will have to be consistent, since we will have opposition. The PSOE respects the Extremaduran PSOE decision respects the decision of the political Council of IU that its three members to refrain in the investiture session and popular Jose Antonio Monago is the next President of the Junta de Extremadura, after 28 years of Government Socialist. As they have secured from the PSOE Extremadura, as they have already reiterated all the time elapsed since the election of May 22, in which the PP was most voted list only fits the most absolute respect UI decision, so that the PSOE will continue to work from where the people of Extremadura have wanted us to do this, from the opposition. They have also indicated that it will not be until this Monday when the Secretary general of the PSOE, Guillermo Fernandez Vara, opine on the UI decision, after the celebration of the Regional Executive, in Merida at 17: 30 hours.

International Conference

Many communities with rare languages opt to integrate into mainstream culture, leaving behind part of his idiosyncrasies. According to the UN, there are 6,000 languages surveyed in the planet, of which more than 2,500 are in danger. Oceania and America, continents with more languages at risk of disappearing. Globalization and the pressure on indigenous communities by joining the dominant culture are accelerating the disappearance of hundreds of languages around the world, representing more than a loss of words the destruction of a way of seeing life, according to experts gathered in Quito. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Brian Roberts. Of the 6,000 languages surveyed in the planet, more than 2,500 are at risk of fading away, according to the Organization of the UN Educational, scientific and Cultural (Organization Unesco). Learn more about this topic with the insights from castle harlan. These include, for example, the Ecuadorian ava, which is just a speaker, and the zapara, that six elderly dominate. With them will be hopelessly lost natural knowledge, as well as a way to conceive the space, the universe and relationship with other human beings, stressed Marleen Haboud, the Coordinator of an International Conference on the subject that was held this week at the Catholic University of Quito. For example, the mohawk, the language of an indigenous tribe of the Confederacy iroquois who lives between United States and Canada, does not follow the traditional structure of subject, verb and predicate, which is the basis of the English or the Spanish. Its speakers placed first the information that they believe that it is more important for the listener, regardless of whether it is a name, an adjective or an action, explained Marianne Mithun, an American linguist who for decades help to recover that language. Different languages show the different ways in which the human mind can encode, understand and systematize the world, experience, and are ways that never occur to us if we only speak a European language, believed Mithun.