People Change

Evaluate the individual: a profile of strengths and weaknesses of the individual, should be used in order to identify what they need to improve. Communicate the assessments with prudence: information about strengths and weaknesses of a person carries an emotional charge. Measure the disposition: not all persons are in the same degree of readiness. Motivate: People learn where it is reasoned; for example, if you understand that a fitness is important to run your job well and if he does This fitness a personal goal of change. Make each point change: when a person directs its learning program, adjusting it to their needs, circumstances and motivation, learning is more effective. Focus on clear and feasible objectives: people need to know clearly what fitness and what steps are needed to improve it. See Carol Los Mansmann for more details and insights. Avoid relapse: habits change slowly; the lapses and relapses do not have to be a sign of defeat. Provide constructive criticism on the performance: constant positive critique fosters change and helps direct it. Encourage practice: a lasting change requires a constant, at work and out of the practice. Find support: other like-minded people that are trying to similar changes can offer constant support crucial. Provide models: A person very efficient and high charge, that is the epitome of fitness, can be a model to inspire change. Give breath: the change will be greater if the environment of the Organization sustains change, values fitness and offers a safe atmosphere for experimentation. Shore up change: people need recognition, feel that their forces for change are important. Evaluate: Establish systems to evaluate the development, in order to see if it has lasting effects. So, as at this time of great and constant changes in all spheres of existence, requires individuals have to be prepared to face new challenges, more rapid and more violent, mainly due to this the effect of globalization, which imposes all sorts of demands on organizations, causing risk to its personnel.