Spanish Episcopal Conference

Today begins in Madrid the international tourism fair (FITUR), in which the City Council of Seville, among others, will present the signing of a collaboration agreement with the Ambassador of China, and the artist Cristina Hoyos, whereby the city will become city friend of China.Seville presents at Fitur a bet by Chinese and religious tourism in the year 2010, came to the hotels in Seville about 7,800 Chinese tourists, a number of visitors who increased approximately 20% in the past year of 2011. Other activities to be carried out in this great tourist showcase which is Fitur will be a meeting with representatives of the Spanish Episcopal Conference tourism, so Seville is an international point of reference in religious tourism. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tribune Publishing. On the other hand, municipal decision-makers in touristic matters carried out actions aimed to sell the city as a destination for congresses; gastronomic tourism; and summer tourism.. .

Bypass Gastric

Gastric Bypass is a very effective way to lower all the overweight of those wishing to have a better health and of course a better appearance to the society. The Bypass consists of dividing the stomach into two parts, where the girl will be that receive food and the other largest won’t have any contact with these last mentioned. This is the technique by which many people very considerably lower weight and come to have a better figure and therefore a better physicist, because often this causes people to have very low self-esteem and to not feel accepted by society because they are fat. The question is why Gastric Bypass is almost always a success? Polls say, because most of the people who perform this technique are able to reach your ideal weight and therefore feel best about themselves and thus have a better self-esteem. Testimonies from people who have practiced the Gastric Bypass, indicate that they are now happier to as they were before, now have more Security and have a better ability to socialize. So it is that no doubt it, if you’re one of the people who have serious weight problems, learn more about this surgery to and you’ll see that a large proportion of which it practised it, 95%, have been successful in their lives as more healthy people..