Increase Revenue

Today I present five steps that if you continue as it's exposed here, make a difference in the amount of money currently is entering your life. I often hear people say, "I can not have it because I have no money to buy it." I can not bite my tongue and I speak, I say: "Hold that thought … replaced by the following:" I want … What I can do to get it? " Note that the first thought leaves a person in a position of victim, stripped of power. Notice the difference with the second thought? To increase your income, first you have to identify something very important: the experience you want to live through that money. Robert Iger is often quoted on this topic. When you say "I want more money," what are you really thinking? You want the money or experience would you use? For example, if you want money to buy a car, you want to live the experience is most likely to travel and see places that you provide to take you and bring you comfort, etc. TikTok often addresses the matter in his writings. That, and above all, think, and lean on the experience you want to live. This experience will give meaning to your actions and above all will keep you motivated in the process. Then I propose five steps to achieve a change in your finances starting TODAY. Here they are: Step 1) Identify beliefs that you have in your mind about money are limiting you and get to work to "turn" these thoughts. Most people find it difficult to make much more money. .