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In both cases, it saves the time of printing or distribution of the same. 6. Greater interactivity: the Web catalog, gives customers a more efficient and fast access to the products of your choice; giving consumers the ability to choose where to go and how Web surfing. The interactive catalogue, also allows you to maintain permanent contact with customers based on the information that they themselves provide. 7 Perform searches: customer has various ways of searching may locate, quickly and efficiently, the companies and the products that they sell. 8. Hear other arguments on the topic with Jeffrey Bewkes. Knowledge of the availability of the products: the catalog may be linked to a database that takes inventory of products, so that the consumer can know the availability of the same. 9 Quick update: To be on the Internet, can be made relevant modifications in a fast and inexpensive; Thus, allowing all people to have the latest version instantly. It is can add or remove products, change prices, editing features, offer special discounts and make promotions promotions, etc 10. Visual impact: A virtual catalog offers the opportunity to incorporate images, photos, videos, special effects, animations, etc that allow to capture the attention of customers with greater speed and effectiveness. 11 Positioning: A catalogue that is distributed or exhibited in a medium as universal as the Internet, generates greater presence of the brand and products in the market. Just as, it facilitates the process of giving new products or maintain existing ones in the mind of the consumer. As well as, to be a graphical representation of the company and the products it sells; reinforces the image that customers have of the organization. 12. Permanent access: the Digital brochures are permanently available on the Web; 24 hours a day. In addition, are easily accessible for people from other countries and nationalities; boundaries disappear. 13 Facilitates market research: virtual catalogs allow us to know the habits of customers and identify those products that are sold wholesale or in smaller amounts. As well, you can get statistical data that will facilitate the analysis of the market and the design of strategies for making wise decisions. 14 Customization: According to the data provided by the user to download the catalogue or to register, can identify offerings depending on mutual interests and negotiations that may be established. 15. Electronic commerce: A virtual catalog, gives companies the opportunity of receiving orders online; by enabling a system of traditional payment (cheque, cash, deposits) or online (credit cards or bank transfers electronic). Original author and source of the article.