Troubles State

Now for the negative aspects the sample. Consumer – a person is inviolable and it is – right! But the right only under one condition, when that person is under the patronage of culture, this culture of honor. See more detailed opinions by reading what Robert Iger offers on the topic.. The only question is the paucity cultural layer, where the main points of execution – samples of etiquette. These conventions of etiquette can perform any rogue, and this is not right! I hope that the ideological norms of the future tense will be formed and taking into account the “database” of our spectral themes. The basis of the ideology of the future, in my opinion, is as follows: identity – culture, ie culture of patronage flowed into the nucleus, the middle link (segment) and the patron of the relationship, this time mutual respect. If the range of harmony “sweeten” the other spectrum, namely the core (culture) – the tranquility, the relationship – the mood, mutual respect – a dream. What a dream … If all the welter of problems in the economy, Science and politics will be with her gaze focused precisely on this point, it will be the most correct construction activity. It would seem that “database” for the formation of the ideology of the future is clear, but for comparative Analysis would like to add. The dream is often covered by the temptation (which it did not want to celebrate now), which is the core motivation of the individual. A channels to promote this incentive for the individual nuclei are not consistent obstacles. Hence, we have yet distorted vision that encourages life itself. Pain (mental) and happiness – universal human phenomenon, not an individual state. This state is only to indicate the boundaries of the phenomenon. Unbearable position of this state leads to crystallization. If we imagine that mankind – it is water, this crystallization is doomed to lie on the bottom. 10 Humanity is well manifestations of pain and joy, among them “grow” design life. It would seem clear on the face, if not confusion. It is like a weed, making adjustments to the formation of this structure. Where Troubles? Each of us is whether the worker is, President leaves for work in the morning and at night goes home – this is normal. And if someone did not come home at night without a good reason – it is not normal. Hence the invasion of distemper night … At the end of the holy, according to our “Spectral base.” If only the variations in nature, there should be a standard vibration. We have observed that mankind “hangs” on the three incentive “sling” (linked to air). Here, the reference standard – the average “sling” with damping vibrations. Overload – so heavy and the fruit is doomed to separation (death). On both sides of the reference “lines” – “lines” of the existence and reproduction. Their harmonious balance based on the reference “lines” and is the final standard of human existence. It is not difficult to guess that this “balance of nature” that mankind should worship, and by carefully maintaining a balance, to strive for perfection. The sinful flesh is hard, it hard to walk on poor soil – little support from the sky. And it does himself sinful props to facilitate chemical (alcohol, drugs). We all need support from the sky, but you need to seek ways to clean it without disturbing others. Earth and sky! Between wildlife and their creative efforts. “God forbid” that mankind had this work and its fruits.