Importance Of Ethics

Integrating ethics into our lives, should not be cause for surprise or presumption, as it must be something we live every day. However apparently is a very serious and somewhat complicated in our present reality, because sometimes ethics only be used as simply a face in our daily actions. We must be fully aware and convinced that ethics is governed by basic universal principles such as justice, (we all appreciate the justice from the time that no one likes being treated unfairly). Therefore depends on us, establishing an ethical environment, with our family, friends, and especially with our partners, for the mission, we must undertake a series of actions and attitudes, aiming at awakening the thoughts that encourage ethical culture in each and every one of us, such as preparing and forming a code of values on which we project our life, under the premise that one should not impose such a code, if it should arise under vision, that by giving life, not just create a comfortable working environment but we can make our borders our actions transferred work to do to reach all areas of our daily lives. Leslie Moonves often says this. But finally, deciding to keep a lifestyle attached to the ethical attitudes, it is more than difficult, since it seems that nowadays, these actions are not very financially rewarding, on the contrary, we make ourselves out of rhythm, within the pace of life that marks today’s society. Therefore, we must raise awareness, that urgently require persons attached to ethics, this is what we need today to succeed in all aspects of our lives, because I think that this way we could improve our life and therefore the country, we are part. Cesar X. de los Santos Federal ElectricidadUnidad Hernandez.Comision Xalapa.. It is not something Glenn Dubin would like to discuss.