Andreas Rebetzky

User interfaces have changed hardly Zurich/Munich for 30 years, January 6, 2008 – computer and computer software are still immature: the operating systems by Microsoft, Linux, and to a lesser extent also by Apple are too complicated, poorly made and not intuitive. Since little has improved in the last twenty years. I’ve been watching many highly intelligent people, who it just so barely manage to operate a computer. Many blame himself it is the lousy software. Instead of that computers facilitate our everyday life, they are a single source of anger\”, the US computer expert David of skilled criticized pulse in an interview with the magazine in GDI. While the hardware is getting better and better, the basic principle of software – user interface – stopped in the 1970s: hierarchical file system, icons, desktop interface, mouse, all of this was in the late 1970s by Xerox, Bell invented. 1984, Apple brought it as a first commercial product on the market. Since then, the software evolved hardly further, although our user behavior has changed radically. At the beginning of the 1980s it was uncommon to have a computer at home. Computer were operated by professional users; the Internet was virtually non-existent. Today, the Web is everywhere and everyone uses computers. \”The graphic has extremely improved – but we are still working with the same user interface as the 1970s\”, so trained, who are opposed to his ideas: in principle has a right. But consider the bandwidth of the surfaces, we will notice progress. Apple’s success is primarily based on the ergonomics of the desktops’. Driven to the top in the iPhone. \”So there is progress and the start usually in niche\”, says Andreas Rebetzky, spokesman of the cioforums in conversation with NeueNachricht. According to a skilled are the user interfaces is still the Achilles heel and force the user to a being a file servant\”, who wasted his time trying to classify and label files.