DISTO laser distance measuring instruments from Leica of Geosystems can be obtained at Metav future tools in Emmerich. Arrange cooperation DISTO laser distance measuring instruments from Leica of Geosystems tools in Emmerich can be obtained in the future at Metav Metav tools and Leica of Geosystems. Also in January Metav pursued the strategy tools, to be able to offer a comprehensive portfolio of measuring technology for the end customer. The latest development is the newly launched cooperation with Leica Geosystems and Metav tools, which will distribute the DISTO laser distance meters through his online platforms,, and. The product range includes devices D8/D5/D3 and D2, as well as accessories. Continue to learn more with: Robert A. Iger . The Leica DISTO D8 is the flagship here and represents “the most versatile laser distance meter in the world”. It is equipped with a digital Pointfinder a high-resolution 2.4, “Farvdisplay, 360 tilt sensor and Bluetooth(R) technology. Thus, the D8 is a real world first, which offers completely new measuring options. Application find the Leica DISTO laser distance meters in the building trade but also in the metalworking industry. Glenn Dubin, New York City is likely to agree. Interior Designer drywall installer decorator electrician Bodenleger cabinetmaker Carpenter Kuhlanlagen-/ heating plasterer carpenters roofers painter sanitary installer with the Leica receives Metav DISTO distance measuring tools with one and other more well-known extension of the product range. After one in SIZE microscopes for Germany and Europe won for the exclusive distribution rights gauges and Dino-Lite, as well as in the area of the drill represents the brand for scales and Alpine Maykestag core. More information please refer to our homepage.


Notebook bags in every shape, size and all materials are now possible to transport the most important working tool. You can see it almost everywhere on the streets, in offices, and often also in the schools. Laptop bags, which exists in many variations, shapes and colors are meant. For younger users of laptops you can see this case often in the form of a backpack, because the kids have prefer both hands free. Use as a backpack an employee in the Office can not of course such a laptop bag, because unfortunately it looks still in this day and age, that specific orders and labels even in the offices are. Who first want to lie to such a notebook bag, should first understand the exact size of its laptops, because otherwise it can happen pretty quickly that the bag is a little too small and fit the notebook though barely, but otherwise no other things fit in this bag. Then no longer goes to the zipper, and it stands as before, that you yet another bag for it must take. Very elegant people in the Office have subsided to notebook bags in the case form, because this first very elegant looks, and secondly the user under circumstances can operate, after he has lifted the lid, directly the notebook in the trunk. But also students and at all all are traveling much, appreciate the advantages of a notebook. To protect the relatively expensive notebook from damage during transport, it should be carried in a notebook bag, provided specifically for this purpose. Unlike normal briefcases, laptop bags and laptop bags have a reinforced outer sheath that protects the laptop, in particular its TFT monitor from damage caused by external influences. Also, often still plenty of space for accessories like power supply, cable and work material is in the laptop bag. With the most laptop bags, the fan using the hook and loop closures can be altered and therefore on the most diverse Customize notebook sizes. This allows optimal use of the available space. In addition to the functionality of a laptop bag, also their design plays an important role. Especially in the business it’s primarily to make a positive impression as staff in the field, at a customer. And so it is important that the design of the laptop case to the respective outfit and the activity fits. Therefore, notebook cases are in a variety of colors and designs. Range of solid bags in leather-look for the correct appearance of reputable to models with flashy and upbeat patterns and motifs for students or pupils. Famous brand companies who place value on solid workmanship and quality are dominated by the manufacturers. The opposite No. name goods slightly higher price pays off quickly through a long life.

High Yield Expected

The Munich-based technology transfer company HWCV marketed the so-called capillary technology and has opened the doors for investors now also for this technology analysts are high, as the Munich-based company, founded 15 years ago, according to the recognized S & P rating now has a value of 10 million euro criteria, and since generated a return of an average of 20% for its investors. This yield achieved already in the past in connection with the now-present technology promises an extraordinary income, which intrigued investors should be in fact. After the technology was actually developed to achieve a cooling water-based effectiveness increase of seventy percent at nuclear power plants, emerged after the academic scientific assessment, that technology power as planned can be generated to locate the source of the generated energy but not in a cooling of the surrounding cooling water is. It is but Origin of actually present energy from academic point of view not explainable, because there from a physical perspective no alternatives to a cooling of the water. The technology is therefore mainly in academic circles as so-called Perpetuum mobile. The founder of the company, Hans Weidenbusch, said at the time after the announcement of the academic opinions: “it would have preferred, the water had cooled down from scientific point of view, because it is clear that the marketing of a Perpetuum mobile will be no surefire. Finally, everyone has learned in school that doesn’t even exist as a device, and even if its existence is now allocated through public demonstrations and subsequently by all leading universities is confirmed conviction but much more work needs to be done among investors, and the to achievable yield is so high that it is anyway believe none”This persuasion now but in an impressive way occurred. This was achieved in large part through public presentations, which had unique subsequent testimonies of press representatives to the result. .

Commercial Resolution

Business resolutions may be bargains not only individuals, but also traders are always looking for a business resolution. Whether here now is a business resolution of Hamburg or another, but doesn’t actually matter. If the price is right, then it also might, a trader from the southern region or from other European countries look around after a business resolution of Hamburg.Liquidations are booming again. Often, especially when it comes to larger items, shipped the goods by truck with a shipping company and you have a certain amount of overhead in this case as a buyer while, but it saves lots of time and fuel costs partially. Thus one comes as a buyer in this case may even very cheap new goods. If it is Hamburg at a business resolution a great inventory, is to sell it, then it can also be good, that various special items dealer here try to get the entire stock at a good price. The sellers are often forced to settle on a fairly low price because either the time is missing, all individually to sell or but a fairly high amount of debt must be wiped as quickly as possible in such large items. Such plights of course benefit from the dealer and try to force down the price. As everywhere in the whole country, so also in Hamburg some businesses that close their doors and were all of their remaining and the establishment of sell it year after year. You will appear under the search term business resolution Hamburg on the Internet and in the newspaper. Who so seeking a resolution of such trade Hamburg, which is typically also looking for the one or the other bargains. Often, there are individuals who become so looking for cheap deals, but many a business owner, which closes its doors, also his entire stock as items sold to others Dealer.

Successful Presentation In Vienna

the applicability: Scores PrintoLUX in Austria in the hotel presentation in Vienna as well as in the other distribution activities systematically based on PrintoLUX in Austria since the beginning of the year 2012 with these topics, there are similar experiences in terms of customer response: according to words of the Managing Director are again and again the same advantages of the PrintoLUX process that immediately attract attention and eventually cause the system purchases. Especially industrial users literally amazed at the high resistance of the procedure which was confirmed in many TuV tests and hardness tests by customers. Also the aspect of cost and time savings is quickly recognized by our two customer groups. Service providers and enterprises, which include the procedure in their production process, benefit from the high efficiency of the process in a similar way: the direct users through the reduction of working hours, the service provider through lower production costs and higher Profit margins.” The flexibility of the procedure among the special advantages, PrintoLUX thermohartende digital printing could gather at the presentation in Vienna and the following talks, more than 20 system configurations based on customer needs. In contrast to conventional marking, it is easily able to print on plastics and films such as metals and high-quality and resistant. The great flexibility PrintoLUX also shows in the strong alignment of its printing system types to the customer needs. In contrast to the competition, which works with just a few standardized systems, PrintoLUX offers more than 20 versions. To all industrial applications let located near establish the formats, materials, thicknesses and colors (also white). Here, the current maximum size is 420 x 600 mm. next presentation in Austria: Bregenz the next presentation of the PrintoLUX process for interested parties from Austria is planned for the autumn in Bregenz. As in Vienna, several systems are also in this presentation again the practical idea. The participants can on-site experience all steps of this successful identification procedure and become also a picture of the high resistance. Interested parties ask for the exact date and location by E-mail at PrintoLUX (contact details below). Contact and information: PrintoLUX GmbH Hermann Oberhollenzer, Dipl. Re (FH) Managing Director Durkheimer road 130 D-67227 Frankenthal phone +49(0)6233/6000-902 fax +49(0)6233/6000-910 which has PrintoLUX PrintoLUX idea a process developed and patented PrintoLUX certified materials made of metal and plastic in industrial resistance currently at the maximum size 420 mm x 600 mm with a height of up to 500 mm can be printed digitally. The process is unique in the world and replaces previous methods, such as screen printing, engraving, laser and plotting in many Usage areas. With PrintoLUX is the manufacturing process that is simpler, more flexible, faster and more cost effective.

Group Managing Director

Georgen. The Black Forest subsidiary with production plant in Herbolzheim grew slightly by 1.7% to 298 million (previous year 293 million). ebm-papst St. Georgen employees 1,510 (previous year: 1,493) to the end of the fiscal year. The largest sales growth achieved ebm-papst Landshut, Bavarian subsidiary of the group. The site delivered with 249 million a 7.3 per cent over the previous year the turnover (previous year 232 million). The number of employees fell by 8 employees at 1.035 (previous year: 1,043). Energy efficiency and resource conservation are key issues in the field of research and development the position as technology leader was expanded by 68.5 million (+ 11.9% the previous year) investment in research and development at the German sites in Mulfingen, St. Georgen and Landshut. ebm-papst is drivers of energy-efficient products for many years. From the market of electronically controlled EC fans, about the aerodynamic improvements of the fan blades, up to the resource efficient materials selection. Hans-Jochen Beilke: We have further expanded our sales share of fans with around 850 million. We are still working to reduce the dependency of just growing raw materials, such as, for example, oil. Thus we ensure our future viability and reduce CO2.” The goal of the company, to increase the proportion of innovative composite materials within the product portfolio to 15 percent by the year 2015 is.” The news of the world’s first organic material fan used for refrigerated counters, was withdrawn from the market and already over half a million copies sold since its launch in April 2011. The renewal rate of the group, the more than 600 R & D-engineers and technicians employed, is over 40%. “Dr. Bruno Lindl, ebm-papst Group Managing Director research and development: that almost every second product in the market is younger than five years.” The company is also a horribly against the continuous development of its products Reproduction and counterfeiting.