Techniques To Get New Clients

PROGRAM E-MAIL MARKETING: Through a series of strategies, we can ensure that every customer who comes into our restaurant us your details (name, e-mail, etc), so we get to have a large database that grows every day, week, month and year. This email list will be our greatest asset, because we will be building little by little, day by day. The potential list is endless, because with a list of around 1000 clients, we can send bi-weekly, offering discounts and special offers, promotions, s etc a An example: If we offer a dinner in which all clients attending with his family, children have free dinner, and attend our invitation only 3% of our list, it would be 30 tables filled, only customers of our mailing list. 30 tables filled, while the children dine free, if parents consume an average of about 40A, per person, that’s 40 2 = 80, 80 30 = 2400A, . Ken Singleton is actively involved in the matter. Euro 2400 we have developed only in one night, counting only those customers who have responded to the invitation that we sent by e-mail aa our customer list. This system can create and maintain thanks to marketing techniques and special programs that serve email for all our clients have identified and the scope of a single button on the computer, when we want. We can use this technique to fill our restaurant in the days when fewer people coming to lunch or dinner, so you always have the greatest number of customers in our restaurant. .