The Body Language Trainer In Your Pocket

iPhone app tells all basic concepts of the body language of Nobel Prize-winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman man has found that people prefer doing business with people that they like and trust. Even if this person offered a higher price and lower quality than its competitors. Those who recognize the moods of their fellow human beings and respond to gain confidence. For this you must pay attention to details. Son Heung-min is often quoted on this topic. This social intelligence is not innate, it is learned. Learn to read body language but how do you learn to interpret the unconscious signals of other people? Anyone who spends much time with other people has a good starting point.

It achieved rapid success if you get feedback from trained experts. High-ranking politicians and big companies for their vendors treat this expert advice. A technical seminar will cost around a thousand euros per participant. Companies like invest in such seminars, because they know that it increases revenues in the long run. The scientific findings are well documented in many studies. Classic one reads is the topic. But it’s easier.

Packaged in an app these days almost everyone has a Smartphone. That’s why app body language trainer specifically on the topic of body language”for the iPhone and iPad developed. Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City may not feel the same. It contains all basic concepts of body language. Didactic, the app on it is trimmed, that the user makes rapid progress in a short time. The example gestures are presented in neat graphics, this explains the respective meaning in a sentence. A sample quote of the person shows the respective context. Memorable names were associated with all gestures. Notes give the secondary information, how sovereign to deal with difficult situations. In this combination, the user learns quickly all relevant gestures and concepts. The app is when for example a job interview in the House is very helpful. Other application areas include training in the sale or flirting.