The Enterprising Pioneer

Do you have the desire to see your brilliant ideas implemented in a successful business? Excellent! Still doesn’t mean you’re an entrepreneur you know what you need to achieve this? Only your commitment and your decision. You do not require having large sums of money, or have master’s degree in business from a prestigious University, or years and years of experience in the industry. Of course all this helps, but it is not decisive. What you need as an entrepreneur is having a mind open to learning, a desire to succeed and the value of acting to achieve your goals. Additional information is available at Eva Andersson-Dubin. With these three main commitments in a few years you’ll be materializing your dreams as an entrepreneur. Most of the people who fails in the business is because you give up at the first bitter drink for the failure.

Remember that success looks the same as the 10% failure before reaching the goal. Failing is part of the game, and the entrepreneur, knows well. So if you are not willing to failing (if you’re extremely perfectionist or only done thinking about it you terrifies) then it is best that you continue in your job and not undertake business on your own until you have the willing to take risks. And those who dare to undertake on their own and are not successful is because they were unable to capitalize on his failure, stopped before the first hurdle and withdrew in his quest. They do not have the attitudes and skills of the entrepreneur, which by the way, do not learn in school. Is such conditioning acquired in traditional education systems and even in corporations, which are usually find an agent (external course, better blame others and you cannot blame you) when something goes wrong: supplier, the crisis, privatization, the Government, the inept Secretariat, was light!, etc. As an entrepreneur hands always point towards one’s self, and that is something by what many not even contemplate the possibility of undertaking. Unless you take 100% responsibility for what happens to you can not create that successful business you both want. Click here to read the full article and watch a video that It will change your paradigm of entrepreneurial original author and source of the article.