The Obstetricians

How long will it take until your potential new employer where you apply, learns of their stay in a psychiatric hospital? Have not coped with the loss of a dear person, have swallowed too many pills, and this information will be – seared forever on your chip? I’m saying an example from the here and now. In our practice, we work with a properly functioning computer system. The software is reliable and up-to-date. But when I wants to delete a specified duration diagnosis times because the diagnosis but not so lasting, I push the limits of the electronics. If you have read about TGNI already – you may have come to the same conclusion. It’s somehow, but it is incredibly complicated. Do you think the inputs on an electronic health card are more flexible to handle and it will deal with the desires of individuals? Why budge no protest? There would be countless examples which can show it can be as fatal, if medical information into the wrong hands. We doctors are held, top the secrecy as a great asset to make. In the future, every patient with his will Details of peddle by the doctor to the health insurance fund, the pharmacy to the hospital by the obstetricians and gynecologists to the masseur of the neurologist to the ambulatory care services.

Some doctors are indignant, but I haven’t heard of an outrage of patients. Why aren’t you on the street and protest against big brother? Yes, exactly! You! As a family doctor and private person I enjoy technical progress (see family doctor blog) often enough, but on the electronic health card the comparison to the nuclear power plant comes to mind. We humans invent something, use it and have no idea how we should deal with the consequences. The electronic health card with intimate information is only then can be used if we can reliably protect the most intimate details. This seems to me a long way, which certainly not 2009 comes to an end. Until then, it would do a simple health book in which all important medical information collected. Sounds a bit antiquarian, but is more secure.