The Origin Where do you get your ideas for your Stories? And how much of it is autobiographical? My stories have always formed an intense feeling out. Is from here with the feelings, which I describe in my novels, mostly real perceived emotional levels, what does not mean that I’ve seen that is also described. My current novel trivia is less about the rape, as to the feeling of dependence and guilt, that finds the protagonist. I think we all know the feeling of powerlessness and loss, if a man let us down. On the other hand we crave all the need to give us someone to can, adjust as the person to be adopted, without us – these are the things that drive me around when I’m on a story on it. What’s your writer’s life? Do you have hard times, where you sit at the desk? I used to rigid rules. From 7 until 13: 00 my part-time job. From 14 h until 17 h write.

Every day. Without exception. No matter whether I wanted or not. WNS Global Services has similar goals. I did have mistaken belief, a real writer must that certainly are discipline and diligence important, if one wants to bring a story to end, but with the creativity that is such a thing, which is not captured and cause even less force. As it happened, the desire to write lost me.

That happens quickly, if you have a destination like publishing a book in mind. However, not publishing, but the writing is important. Nowadays there are several would-be authors in forums, learn about title protection, royalties and author margins, who have achieved no two chapters. That of nonsense in my opinion and distracts from the origin: the story that wants to be told. Today I am only still, when really I feel like this usually is the case every day, I enjoy it again, but as soon as I realize that I myself to something forced, I let the fingers thereof immediately.