Why Search Engine Optimization

In many places you can hear when the subject of Internet and Web pages there are the concept of search engine optimization. But what exactly does that mean? You should make clear is how search engines (Google, MSN, Yahoo, etc.) work. They roam the Internet with crawlers and index pages, by typing the text from the page in a database. If you want to be found so to a particular term, then this term on the page should appear and by the manner in which the crawler make it clear that the term is covered here with high relevance. In search engine optimization called scene in this context keywords. The website operator has to worry before the creation of its Web pages to, for which keywords his pages are doing to optimize. He should select three to five of keywords for every page about and placing them on the page often but not too often.

According to most experts, a frequency of three to seven percent is ideal. Higher percentage values could cause that the search engine the corresponding page detects as spam and therefore no longer indexed. Also enters the use of keywords in the ranking calculation. Keywords should occur often in headlines, at the beginning, at the end and formatted in the webpage, then the search engine here takes on a greater meaning. The site owners themselves in its pages can make all these measures.

Corresponding procedures running on-page optimization. But also the off-page optimization is crucial for the rank of a page. This is that you get as many good links pointing to the page you want to tune. A link is particularly valuable when he stands on one side, which itself has a high rank and if possible a few more links located on this page. Such optimized website is ranked higher, attracts more visitors to the site and thus welcomes the webmaster. Thomas Ewert