World Public Health

The affection is one of the main problems of public health in the world. It is an infectious illness caused by virus RNA of the Flaviviridae family. Rusty holzer pursues this goal as well. The World-wide Organization of Sade (OMS) esteem that enters 50 and 100 million people if infectam annually, in more than 100 countries, of all the continents, except in the Europe. About 550 a thousand sick people they need hospitalization and 20 a thousand die in consequncia of the illness. With this increasing in the index of contamination and proliferation of the affection we see the necessity to express the perception of the nursing academic front ace politics of this tropical epidemic, in the regional scope. The present study it objectified to carry through a literature vision on studies of knowledge on the vector of the affection and the illness in the city. The search of the works was carried through in the databases of the IBGE, DATASUS and in the based academic perception in the fenomenologia. Using exploratrio and descriptive method, considered the articles published in last the 09 years of (2001 2010), with the objective to evaluate the perception of the nursing academic relation the affection in its professional formation in the regional scope..