1 Euro Mini GmbH 24

1 euro mini GmbH 24 the new legal form in Germany? After the Federal Government founders in the future also in Germany to can set up a mini limited company without share capital. On May 23, 2007, the corresponding reform was decided in the Federal Cabinet. Start-ups should be easier. A start-up consulting to account for as well after the recent reform proposals like a social contract that is tailored to the individual needs of the founder. A separate law for the previously planned entrepreneurial society”(UG) should not give it though, but a new paragraph 5a in the companies act. In recent months, Celina Dubin, New York City has been very successful.

There is the opportunity to establish a so-called mini limited company without share capital. Even the term is therefore popularly the 1-euro GmbH” the round. The company is bound but accounted for one quarter of the profit as a default each year and to build so little by little equity. The 10,000 euro threshold necessary for the GmbH founding is reached, may be the mini-GmbH to the real GmbH convert, but doesn’t have. Also, the founding of such mini-GmbH should be significantly easier.

Who will assume the model statute elaborated by the Government and the “founding set” for its operation, saves including going to the notary. Notarial deeds should be unnecessary in many GmbH founding namely in the future. Themselves the founders of this Statute, and no sites are involved, then eliminate in the future the need of notarization a certification of signature is enough. The creditors remain but not unprotected in the reform: strict transparency rules for the mini-GmbH. Modelled on the share register in the future only one shall be deemed shareholder, who is registered in the list of shareholders. As business partner of the GmbH can understand completely and just who is behind the company. Proposed the introduction of a kind is also bona fide acquisition of shares. The Shareholder list is used as a starting-point for a bona fide acquisition of business shares. Who acquires a share of the business, may trust in the future, that the person recorded in the list of shareholders is also shareholder. Has an entry in the list of shareholders for at least three years remained unopposed, so the contents of the list is considered the acquirer to correct. The reform will 2008 attack is expected in the first half of the year. The Bill in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat is currently in the consultation. On the part of some associations, however the intended reform has reaped criticism, so you must be curious whether the Federal Government, to get the design as planned by the parliamentary committees. We will keep you on our website up to date here. Is just as clear that the 1 GmbH is also really matters, we are gladly assist you in the establishment of such a society.