Molecular Oncology

Delaying the aging by activating the telomerase with Ta-65 a study conducted by researchers of Sierra Sciences, Sciences of technical assistance, Geron Corporation, PhysioAge, among others, has managed to scientifically demonstrate the performance of en-65, an incredible natural compound capable of activating the gene for telomerase in human beings, a key element to delay aging and eternal youth promotingsay the researchers. In a normal cell is divided, lost fragments of Telomeres, which leads to a progressive decline in function and, finally, his death, a circumstance that could be avoided by increasing the levels of telomerase, an enzyme, i.e., a repair of the protein and lengthens Telomeres, the ends of chromosomes, whose function is the structural stability of these and directly affect the speed at which cells grow older and as Telomeres are shortened and weakened its structural integrity, the cells grow old and die more quickly. The activation of this enzyme might prevent the shortening of Telomeres, delaying or even stopped the process of aging. The activation of this enzyme could prevent the shortening of Telomeres, retarding the aging process. This can help treat degenerative diseases and immune system. The gene telomerase, but apart from this we all have. Astralagus root contains a compound that activates telomerase. The discoverers called TA-65. The biotechnology company that produces has created a 12 month course of therapy for use in a system called Protocol.6 Patton, and the Telomeres are measured during the treatment. This anti-aging company in California, who discovered it, available to all employees of more than 40 years of age this treatment. The disadvantage? There are no long-term studies, however, what their long-term effects are unknown. The cost of the treatment near $5000 per year and are demonstrable effects. Is It has been consumed since the year 2005 more of 500 people and no new cases of cancer or any other adverse effect reported. Perhaps someday could live forever, but for now these important scientific breakthroughs may help, and much, for the treatment of degenerative diseases and immune system. investigation complete with all types of data and experiments in rejuvenation research: A natural product telomerase activator as part of a program of maintenance of the health Maria Blasco, Deputy Director of basic research at the National Center of oncological research, Director of the program of Molecular Oncology and Chief of the Telomeres and Telomerase group leave clear in the video below are the lines that there is an investigation would be in this with what is It refers to the aging. Do not miss it. It is very interesting and very clearly explained. Delaying the aging by activating the telomerase with Ta-65 original author and source of the article.

Franz Klammer Foundation

A holiday on an emperor traces Need Bad Ischl, in the heart of Austria’s Salzkammergut region, this is possible. Recreation, sport, culture and untouched nature – the imperial city in the Salzkammergut region combines tradition with modernity. Bad Ischl is ideal for vacations and recreation, and over the year-round. Whether you’re strolling through the streets, which will visit Imperial Villa, relax in the spa or take the Emperor in the most famous pastry rest of the city – the diversity and uniqueness of this region thrill you again and again. The former imperial residence and spa resort of Bad Ischl is a spa town and is located in the southern part of Upper Austria. The term “resort” was this romantic city in 1920 given, 1940 Bad Ischl became a town. In the 19th Century, the Habsburgs chose this town because of the clear air and beautiful surroundings to the place of the imperial summer resort. At least 60 years for the Emperor Franz Josef spent every summer in Bad Ischl – then still “Ischl” – and thus a reasonableTradition, which today is still felt in many places. In the nearby woods, he could pursue his passion – hunting -. Here Franz Josef wrote not only the manifesto, “To my peoples,” but also celebrated in 1853 in the former Hotel Austria (now a museum of the city) the engagement of Princess Elizabeth of Bavaria, called Sisi. Tradition meets modernity Sports contemporaries come in Bad Ischl and its surroundings, both in summer and winter full on their account. The leisure activities ranging from sports challenges, such as the annual marathon to relaxing sleigh ride – always accompanied by the warm hospitality of the Salzkammergut. A special social highlight is the charity golf tournament in favor of the Franz Klammer Foundation. As was the Kaiser’s time to play in costume. For those who want to breathe in the culture, the “Night of the Emperor” in the magnificent park of the Congress and TheaterHouse Bad Ischl undisputed highlight. In this modern staging of the subject”Monarchy”, true historic imperial flair of the 21 accents Century. Here is, in addition to Kaiser fans, representatives of the Austrian nobility and celebrities from sports, business and culture asked twice to do a journey of the monarchy in the modern age. Also very popular is the Lehr Festival, which is reminiscent of famous names such as Lehar, Strauss and Kalman. Provincial Exhibition 2014 In the coming year will participate, under the title “The Salzkammergut” 13 communities in this regional exhibition. In each community, the scenery will of its most attractive side to present – both as an economic region as well as a cultural region. Bad Ischl will prepare an exhibition in the historic Pump Room, combined with a suitable program. Title of this exhibition: “Men, Myths, Monarchs.

Bare Mountain

If for Yves Lacoste the geography of the Third World is a geography of the discords, for we, northeasterns, Geography of the Polygon of the Droughts it is a geography of the desolation. It are of any determinista preintention, is difficult to deny the influence of the geographic way in the differentiation it growth. It observes the five regions where the Country was divided: While in the Region North it meets bigger hidrogrfica basin of the world, most northeast one is circumscribed to the Polygon of the Droughts, characterized for one isoieta of 600 mm. In its interior, runs some temporary rivers, except the San Francisco and the Parnaiba, whose basins would have to be excluidas of the Polygon, for constituirem very extensive humid areas. The rare ore occurrence also is limitante. We never had, here, a Bare Mountain range, a Carajs, a Basin De Campos, much less a layer of oil in Daily pay-Salt. But this does not say everything. The truth is that northeast economic history is associated with the phenomenon of the periodic droughts. as not yet it was possible to become the resistant nordetina economy the droughts, geography of this region she is estarrecedora, is of desolation. It can be defined dries as a drastic reduction of the pluviomtrica precipitation that costuma to occur in the northeast half provincial (the Polygon of the Droughts) the one that they are citizens, partially, the States that compose the region some cities of the North of Minas Gerais. Not to forget that 97% it Cear are enclosed in this Polygon. The incidence of this phenomenon verwhelms the agricultural production in the affected area, decimates the cattle and cause suffering to the population, that, then, if submits to the lack d' water, feeding and other restrictions, also the inaaceitvel death. But nor always the phenomenon assumes this characteristic. It has occasions where rains reach the historical average of the precipitation, however distribuida irregularally, with regard to the secular series.

Japanese Cuisine

Despite its essential difference from any other cuisine, Japanese has long been a favorite and familiar to many Europeans. So that we can apply the traditional Japanese restaurant I: rolls, spicy rolls, warm rolls, sushi, gunkan sushi, sushi box, temeki, sashimi and various soups and desserts. Many people fell in love with Japanese food so much that they began to cook exotic dishes at home. At home, unfortunately, is not always possible preparation of certain dishes, for example, is not recommended to work with fresh, not processed fish. Well if you do decide to learn Japanese cuisine, we recommend you start with the simple – roll. So, check your arsenal It should include: capacity of cooking rice, bamboo mat for wrapping rolls, a very sharp knife with a thin blade to cut resulting in a subsequent roll, actually rice (most suitable kruglozernovoy), nori, rice vinegar, salt, sugar (the latter three ingredients needed for cooking sauce), wasabi and ginger. As the filling choose for the first time salmon or tuna, which can dilute the avocado ogrutsom, green onions, also a wonderful complement to a Philadelphia cheese. The first step – cook rice properly. In the end it must be 'sticky' so out of it clung to the land freely. So, after you cook the rice, necessarily need to cool down to room temperature – then it will be convenient and comfortable to work with him. Further, there is nothing complicated – just distribute the rice to the nori, leaving little space to later Wrap roll. Then it all depends on your imagination – fill the roll than your heart desires. The main thing to choose the right combination. Experiment! Welcome to our restaurant sushi boom, if you want quality dining or reap, your service is not only the finest Oriental cuisine, but also excellent service.

Wikimedia Foundation

Given that “This section of Wikipedia’s Coffee can make known to our community all issues related to the Wikimedia Foundation you are reporting.” I hope that this time my comment will not be reversed without explanation as I’ve had in the miscellaneous section. I just found a page called BlackWikipedia, which affirms “BlackWikipedia is a private non-profit organizations to support the Wikimedia Foundation, is this true – Snake (Talk) 00 : 19 13 Mar 2009 (UTC) Obviously not, and can get into trouble for using the logo of Wikipedia, which is not free and is protected by copyright. I do not know if they are not accused of Phishing can also Belgrano (Talk) 02:23 13 March 2009 (UTC) I think someone has deleted my previous message, and do not know why.I just discovered the BlackWikipedia, claiming to be one Wikimedia project, is this true – Snake (Talk) 00:06 13 March 2009 (UTC) No. ENSAD! “Digamel n 00:27 13 Mar 2009 (UTC) Well, hey, in its homepage says yes. What can you do – Snake (talk) 00:46, 13 March 2009 (UTC) From what I see is a mirror site and bad, that trying to fish some cash with ads, but not more than the google. Yet more than 8 does not give the same results in google. They could send a message or alert to the foundation, but not until the point it is worth. A view that says someone else. ENSAD! “Digamel n 01:03 13 Mar 2009 (UTC) It should at least remove the post where they claim to work with .– Wikimedia snake (Talk) 01:06 13 March 2009 (UTC) has all the earmarks of having done some clever you want to win a bitches.It should report it to the Wikimedia Foundation, could problemas.FCPB (Talk) 11:06 13 March 2009 (UTC) Case, as I know has already been discussed in the list of the foundation and has already warned the law firm . Certainly it is a fraud and found in the / e-mail (s) will give more details. A greeting. – Dferg (Talk) 11:16 13 March 2009 (UTC) Hello, Msnake! I’m sorry for having deleted your message, I thought you wanted to put spam or something. Now I see that is a legitimate issue, and please forgive me ). With respect to the notice, I’ll see if I the cover and take notice where they say is a project of Wikimedia Foundation. Another thing is that I will withdraw that hecr line where they say they are “the free encyclopedia”. Personally, I think this place is a mockery to Wikipedia. Some Board, Chairman placements by Charles Cotros, Ameritrade, Avon In my opinion, it could be long term, a problem for free.Greetings, 21:57 13 Mar 2009 (UTC) Hello again, comrades! I just went to that site !!” (I’m not very educated lately )), and when I tried to the front page, showed me this, which shows that the site does not allow s, as Wikipedia does not happen. This leads me to believe that the “Blackwikipedia database that is updated at the same time as Wikimedia” is pure poetry. It is obvious: it is a mirror page (a mockery of Wikipedia ) that is violating copyright Wikipedia’s logo. Also, strangely enough, only the blacwikipedia developed in Italian and Spanish. recontra It is obvious that a fake site and, worse, a cheap imitation. If only I had class, would be developed CEO Succession in all languages showing that page, the presentation. Anyway, that’s my humble opinion.Cally Berry 22:11 13 Mar 2009 (UTC) I would choose to close the thread and stop talking about them, not worth turningand visibility to the theme, unless when in the right hands to act. Greetings. wikisilki iklisikiw 23:44 13 Mar 2009 (UTC) Excuse Me, Wikisilki (this time I mistook your nickname )), but I have nothing else to say before filing: I did a search and I think that this site is seriously “a black mirror of Wikipedia”. Look at this and then this. What’s worse are the same! I even see Drini user contributions there. This is worrying me a bit. Do not know about you, but do not diminish the importance ste case. Obviously, I am no expert and perhaps is more than wrong, but I think my concerns are unfounded. Greetings, Cally Berry 00:58 14 Mar 2009 (UTC) did not mean to downplay the issue.But we as publishers can not do anything about it except notify the competent body, the Wikimedia Foundation, already aware and as stated in the thread has at law firm on the issue. From here, I must speak of them would give them the visibility they seek. Greetings. wikisilki iklisikiw 01:29 14 Mar 2009 (UTC) No problem Cally Berry.I myself tried to your page yesterday, but actually, it is impossible .– snake (Talk) 01:49 14 March 2009 (UTC) Hello, I am what hize blackwikipedia, sorry if this has been interpreted as something bad, would not cause problems if they’re going to explain what are the problems this can create’ll make some changes, but all are content with GFDL license, the same that we use wikipedia, the logo I think I’ve always gone down a Wikipedia article, and the link for donations is also from wikipedia … the text on the cover does not say that is part of wikimedia blackwikipedia, says it is a private site, which will return the entries to the wikimedia advertisements .