National Cancer Institute

Since cancer covers more than 200 diseases, it makes sense that different varieties which require different approaches to saving the lives of their victims. From the perspective of Brawley, a healing that occurs when the disease has disappeared and is not likely to return, and the person it is likely that grow old and die of something totally foreign. Reid wants to put it in terms of years of survival with pancreatic cancer, which normally live within six months after the diagnosis, is likely to cure if you are still alive five years after surgery, he said. But breast cancer can return even after 10 years, he said. Nearly 11 million people living in the United States had a history of any type of cancer to starting from 2005, according to the latest statistics of the monitoring of the National Institute of the Cancer Epidemiology and end results database. Progress, however. For the men of America, the risk of death from cancer is 20 percent less than it was 20 years ago, Brawley, he said. Rates of new diagnoses of cancer and deaths for men and women at the same time USA.UU. It fell for the first time since it began in 1998, according to a report published in November in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. There are cancers that respond well to drugs for several years. Patients with gastrointestinal stromal tumors tend to tolerate medications, so, for example, said Reid. I have many patients who come back and say, except for the fact that you tell me I have cancer, I don’t know, he said. But after a while, the cells of these patients of mutate and evolve to become resistant to the drugs, finding ways to prevent cancer almost any drug, said Reid. Some breast cancer patients taking medications for 10 years to prevent recurrence, said Dr.

Writer Tip Corporate Language

(Online article) – if the company has an image that would put it, is not so done, just to change it the corporate language. Words touch, seduce, arouse interest. You can also get bored, unsettle or even hurt. In the business world the Word option gives insight into the mindset and the culture of a company, Yes, it can even decide on success or failure. In the first copywriter tip of our FAQ “Techniques to the texts” read about the art to sell a hole in the wall and, how to position your company in words right. Important: the corporate language so how a company with a corporate design Gets a uniform graphical face, so lends the company (corporate language) a characteristic, unmistakable language. Oral how in writing consistent implementation and inserted, a mark receives clear through a corporate language defined an again recognizable personality. Is crucial that linguistic performance depends not only on the outside and focused on the products, but consistently starts with its own employees. 5 tips for a consistent corporate language attempts to find its own language. A language that fits to your company or brand. A language that actually reaches customers and business partners, who will be happy to read and heard and left as pleasant in memory. If you decide for a corporate-language project, then make sure that it by the Executive Board is initiated and carried. Because a consistent language requires a specific corporate mindset that each and everyone must have internalized. Create a guide that defines the linguistic style and shows an example. Is he restrained or naughty? Solid and distant or close to the people? Discreet or striking? Trendy or timeless? Progressive or frumpy? Pictorial or dry? You help your employees and staff with workshops and formulation AIDS in your language world in writing how orally safely and confidently move. Think about what your customers get to everything you read and hear: the greeting on the phone or in business, wrap text, reminders, advertisements, texts in search engines… Write all texts in the defined house style. And three concrete copywriter tips: choose a slogan that fits to your language world. In the trend are slogans that are simple, natural and direct like I’m driving, so ich. Lancia Musa, “Mama knows why. Alete or Germany’s claim Simply friendly. Under, you can be inspired! Define the product, rather than going through the problem-solving, through the authentic value proposition for your customers: between Manufacturer of lamps and Light artist, creating atmosphere worlds! Sell your customers what they want: light instead of lighting, a blooming garden instead of gardeners work or exaggerated said a hole in the wall, instead of one Drill. Back to the techniques for writing overview with the kind permission of Andrea Hirschi (