But, the content and the functionalities of the portal captivate millions of users daily. Simple, simple and simple, that is the basic rule for designing effective web pages. Precisionuna little effective, and very common practice is to publish as much information on your home page or home page. This is not necessary, since the nature of the medium is to go consistently, increasing the information. It is best to design a web page of entry or home page with relevant access points. Reward once wakes up the visitor’s interest by one of the points or relevant links, accessing the same. This instant gratification is what visitors look for. The design of the portal must be accurate and strategically considering the location of the main links. Through the secondary pages of the portal, provides access to all other information related to the main theme of the portal. In this way, the content of the portal is diversified and increases its density. DensidadLas web pages grow over time. Even though we carefully plan the content of the portal, there is always space to add content. To the extent that we modify, either, products, services or marketing, the portal will be updated. If we add textual or multimedia content, increase the density of the portal. To increase density, we diversify points of interest of the portal, and therefore increases the likelihood of obtaining more visitors. For example, a portal offers by way of introduction data on brands and models of vintage cars. Last two months of the publication of the portal, is observed a consistent increase of visitors. The person responsible for the design of web pages then decides to offer more information and adds three points of interest: (1) associations of owners of vintage cars, (2) national vintage cars and events, (3) local clubs of vintage cars. Add these three points of interest, also increases the density of the portal. It is a fact that merchants with web presence, have an advantage over those who still do not have it. Access to information is increasingly easier (e.g. mobile devices multimedia) and is more common to see people accessing Internet to meet their need for information. You have a presence on the Internet through a portal, therefore, is essential. A portal can be simple in its design and still meet its visitors to the extent that offers accurate information. The design of the portal should consider increase the contents according to the need of the visitors or the implementation of design strategies.