Protection of the structure of a data base would be everything form of expression of the selection or disposition of its contents, not being extensive to these. The structures that contain the information of the data bases are considered by the legislation in intellectual property like works of intellectual creativity. The creativity in a data base cannot be put in doubt at two different moments, as they are it as much at the time of storage of the information as of recovery or consults. All the effort that is reversed in the creation of a data base that serves like support to any work within an organization, is compensated this way. In addition it allows to be able to put in the market that tool of information treatment and power to have protected it against external attacks that can suffer. Like it happens in the computer programs, the protection of the data bases, already data bases online like independent are, is not only the compilation of information, but all the procedure that his entails creation and development, as well as the final result. Therefore we can on the one hand, say that a double scope of protection articulates on the data bases, the one that the author right confers, and on the other hand, the right sui generis, like figure introduced in this Law when transposing to our Directive jurdicola ordering 96/6/CE. Both rights or forms of protection are therefore complementary. The author right requires of the requirement of originality of the work, like the other types of works that are protected by the intellectual property. The data base will have therefore to be original in the selection or disposition of its contents, being these excluded from this type of protection. However, the contents, following the matter composes that them, will take care of other binding norms as they can be the industrial property, secret, protection of data or private right.


In the long winter evenings just time to think about settling area near your home or cottage. Undoubtedly, the best solution is to create the most beloved family corner – arbors. A bit of work – to look through books, magazines, look on the Internet and, of course, the familiar, a little imagination, and the image of gazebo of your dreams finally formed in the mind. Before embarking on the implementation of plans, consider where it will rise And this building. Gazebo looks good in the garden in the shade of a tree near a pond and fountain. Place for it is desirable to choose such that not much looked through the eyes of neighbors or passers-by. It's your nook for quiet family breakfasts, lunches and dinners, talks about her personally, with the beloved, beloved, friend, friend, children, for the reception and celebration of important events. Material for construction may be wood, stone, brick, glass, plastic, metal or various combinations. Has become fashionable nowadays to make an arbor with outdoor barbecue stove or barbecue – a place for cooking on outdoor faucet and sink for washing food and utensils cabinet for them as one part of it and a table with benches or chairs – to another. Very comfortable and practical. The size of construction depends on the number of people who will spend time in it. Pergolas are open and closed. Shape – very diverse: round, square, rectangular, six-or octagonal or even oval. Wooden pergolas can paint at will and taste, but you can not paint, just soak wood varnish. Typically, a gazebo no glass. But the pavilion, made of vertical poles and old window frames, good protection from wind, besides from it will be beautiful views in all directions. Depending on the style in which you have soaked the house, garden, yard, the entire site, build and gazebo: a tower of a fairy tale, a Japanese house, a fortress with turrets, tracery, romantic or rigorous in its simplicity. It does not matter whether a gazebo made of wood hands of professionals, or alone is not important – the main thing that you like. But the individual elements that are added to its design: creepers, flowers, curtains, decorations on the walls made of natural materials, a pattern-a mosaic of pieces unnecessary tiles – make your gazebo most comfortable and beautiful. After creating a small paradise, you have invested in his soul!


To find the resource that best suits your oral needs you need to visit some of the most popular pages that perform this function. In the list of recommended sites is undoubtedly Babylon is an excellent electronic dictionary that, unlike other similar products, has the advantage of not requiring the handling of multiple Windows for its operation, which prevents the computer use too much memory and becomes slow. Certainly your operation requires an Internet connection, although it is possible to operate this tool when disconnected. As well as offering the possibility of working in several languages, as a translator, Babylon also serves to investigate meanings, orthographically correct Office documents and up to learn the basic rules of a language. Search expressions and phrases along with the definition of concepts in the fields more varied as law, science, medicine, business, sports, among others, complement the service prepared by the team of Linguistics of Babylon, based on more than 1,400 dictionaries. Another advantage is that it can serve as a starting point to find more reference pages around a term whose meaning must be expanded. Best of all this Babylon puts at your fingertips a translation service online that is free and only requires a registration and a simple download of the program. Same is true with the dictionary in more than 75 languages. If you want to take advantage of a wide range of possible pay a fee to gain access to the major dictionaries of the world through, such as Oxford, Britannica, Aurelio and Langenscheidt. Finally, can be also very useful the application of other instruments such as the complete translation of documents and the conversion of values. Everything in an only service that is very easy to use, does not affect the Pocket and, no doubt, opened the trial to learning other languages. So it is not difficult to understand why Babylon can be dictionary in header line that will accompany you in those moments when working with words is a necessity you might meet. Definitely, in these times that require a knowledge of many languages, there to take advantage of the new Tower of Babel that is already online.

Forthcoming Global Changes

A partial clue to climate change lies in the fact that the climate after or partial holiday, was established under the program of Logos of the planet, and it works as a dynamic system of moving interacting systems. The first of them are familiar with and talk about it in weather forecasts. This atmosphere, which transfers heat and humidity across the globe. In fact, the atmosphere redistributes the only part of the heat generated at planet ( heat, heat from the meteor showers and heat from the sun). Another part is redistributed around the planet's ocean waters of the circulation system. The atmosphere is moving quickly, abrupt changes in circulation atmosphere creates a storm, cold or heat. Ocean – more inert: it may take years or decades that such 'shocks' were on it. But the ocean is huge. He gathers a thousand times more heat than the atmosphere. That is why changes in the circulation of its waters may be a prerequisite for large-scale and long-term climatic changes. One example, which scientists know – is El Nino. Every few years, conditions in the ocean of change is unclear why for modern scholars, and the water temperature at the surface in the eastern tropical Pacific Ocean increases. The atmosphere over the ocean too warm. Thus, El Nino changes the normal rhythm of the rains and winds all the globe, causing devastating droughts, floods, storms and forest fires. Losses – enormous, although it is relatively short-lived phenomenon – it only lasts a year, maximum two.

Lisbon Myanmar

Any military operation against the Wa army could result in a protracted and bloody civil war. Although the UWSA has the freedom to produce and drug smuggling, Southeast Asia remains awash with opium, heroin and amphetamines. The explosion of amphetamines, particularly the threat of destabilizing the region economically and military. Myanmar produces around 800 million tablets of amphetamines of one year and the vast majority are produced in the UWSA territory and moved to Thailand. Thailand believes that the flow of amphetamines among the 1,800 km of the border as a threat serious national security. The market of the country has around three million users of amphetamines and more than one million drug addicts. Crime and drug related violence have threatened national security. The current crisis has aggravated tensions between Thailand and Myanmar. The requirements of Thailand to Myanmar to cease production of illicit drugs in Wa go unnoticed. The army of Thailand has increased interdiction operations and incursions in drug production along the border between Thailand and Myanmar. Brief but violent border clashes are common. In addition, Thailand has periodically closed adjacent to the UWSA territory border crossings. The UWSA has thousands of civilian and military of Shan (SSA), a rebel movement that is very involved in the traffic of drugs in possession of the. The UWSA is working with the military to crush the rebellion in Myanmar and expand its control of the markets of narcotic drugs. Myanmar, Thailand has accused of supporting the rebels of Shan disguised as a way of undermining the UWSA and disrupt the flow of amphetamines in Thailand. The production and trafficking of drugs are still the tension in the relations between Myanmar and Thailand and threaten stability in neighbouring States. Artur Victoria has a course of law, classical University of Lisbon, as well as other academics, including national defence. Blogs relating to Resident Evil 5 infinite weapons Fix Desktop Problems Campbell tabs weapons as new head coach The Sports Page U.S. Parks Service forces Cindy Sheehan to take down CAMP OUT NOW U.