Art From China

The economic boom experienced the era China, has captured the Chinese art scene. The new Chinese stars of the international art scene to achieve maximum prices for their works. It is not only to the growing interest in Chinese art in the Western countries, including the new middle and upper class in China is driving up prices. In Germany there are only a few galleries, which specialize in Chinese art. These represent the new superstars of modern art from China and serve the upper price segment. Friends and collectors of modern Chinese art, the online gallery an inexpensive alternative. Here you can find cheap originals of young contemporary artists from China. Likewise, lovers of classical Chinese painting will find a large selection of watercolors, ink drawings and calligraphy. The gallery owner Clemens Mohr pay, in the selection of artists in particular to a harmonious color and composition, while his wife Yuping, who studied in China, as a specialist in painting and calligraphy from China, good relationsGalleries and art dealers in China is nurturing. If the customer is looking for something special, we researched in China, until one has found the perfect work of art. The range of China-gallery ranges from old copies of watercolors from the Tang Dynasty to the modern Chinese art. As an inexpensive gift, the watercolors are very popular in the format 30 x 30 cm, but also large scroll paintings of several meters in length found in the gallery for art from China. Most images are provided with a mat of tissue paper and can easily be framed. The typical Chinese scroll paintings we need to hang with a nail. Incidentally, this also offers the advantage that it scrolls mood can do in seconds per share. In China it is quite common to have more scrolls. Whatever the occasion to be hanged then the appropriate scrolls. As used in Chinese watercolors, ink drawings and calligraphy-quality rice paper that is hardly oxidized (yellow), one can use a scroll painting and the permanent decoration.