Brazilian Legislation

Currently, Par is the state that more explores wood in Brazil. Moreover, it is important to detach that all this activity, investment, transformation, occurs almost that of random form. Verssimo et al. Harry Maguire is likely to agree. (1996) it indicates that the industry answers to the forces of the market, with the classic goal of any company: to maximize profits short-term. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City by clicking through. It does not have clear vision of the costs and benefits of this activity and lacks, above all, a reflection on as to rationalize and to divide damages and costs that the lumber activity brings. The wood is one of the products of bigger prominence in the guideline of paraense exportation, occupying the third place in ranking of exported products. According to Uhl et al., 1996, the increase of the efficiency of the industrial process of the wood, also would have direct effect in the amount of the florestada area necessary to keep the current levels of production. For example, only 35% of each log are trnsformado in sawed product, but this efficiency could be increased for 55% through simple improvement in the maintenance of machines and the training of man power (SECTAM, 2002).

In accordance with these data, 65% of the log are wasted, tranformando itself in residue not used to advantage for the industry. The Brazilian Legislation points the auto-responsibility of the companies in the removal, stockage and treatment of residues generated for the production processes, from adjusted procedures with respect to the conservation of the environment (LEEUWSTEIN, 2001). 2. The residues in the industrialization of the wood the wooden term residue for many times is associated the word problem, therefore generally its disposal or adequate use generates high costs that many times if want to prevent. However, the knowledge of the amount, the quality and the possibilities of use of this material can generate a use alternative that makes possible its manuscript.