Ecuadorian Ayabaca

A feature common in the coastal and Andean area of the Department of Piura is the strong frequency component nga anga, whose occurrence in the sierra of Ayabaca, Huancabamba, Sullana (coastal province Ayabaca near the basin of the Quiroz), Morropon and isolated cases in the area of the middle and lower Piura; they indicate that maybe in awhile back existed a language or language that served as a lingua franca or (cultural and commercial) relationship between the ethnic groups of the valleys (coastal and high Andean Department. You could postulate that according to the origin of the coastal ethnic groups of Piura, indicating its origin in the mountains, mountain to the eyebrow of jungle or Amazon plain meaning, we could establish that the component would be reminiscent of some jibara (avocado?) language that would grant certain linguistic identity (only at the linguistic level) to the various ethnic groups who settled in the coastal and Andean territory of our region. The avocado or Xoroca language It was spoken in the Ecuadorian South and the upper basin of the Chinchipe River bordering the Quiroz and Huancabamba. Brian Roberts describes an additional similar source. Alfredo Torero (1993: 456: 459) argues that it was linked with the ancestors of the modern jivaro languages. In the 16th century the avocado was spoken and Ecuadorian Ayabaca called South western area bordering South. Nama and anga terminations is recorded in this ancient area while in the modern jibaro area are recorded toponymic finals Anza and etnza (river or Creek or people), Ymi or Imi (river or water); Hence is not rare to find the toponym avocado Samanga (petroglyphs of the archaic and formative archaeological Center) in Ayahuaca (Ayabaca) territory in the eastern area of the Province bordering Ecuador), and the toponym Aranza, Hamlet and River located in the southeast of the province in the limit with the Huancabamba (to the South) and Ecuador to the East, territory of the Bracamoros in the upper basin of the Chinchipe River.