EMODAT Multi Platform Solution

Medium-sized businesses and global player benefit a software that meets the requirements of different industries for a price-powerful and flexible workflow management system Brainworks presented by compatibility, usability, and individual features with eMODAT. The secret of success? The multifunctional application is based on a classic client-server architecture which harmonizes with all mobile end devices and technical interfaces. ‘ Various companies worldwide looking for a flexible software can be easily integrated into existing structures. The operations of existing smart phones and systems want to make this decision ‘, eMODAT project manager know Marcus Heinrich. Brainworks equips first users with a base system, which includes all components of server administration and user administration form, but is also extensible to demand specific modules. ‘ With eMODAT, we offer our clients a streamlined and cost-effective entry into the world of mobile data entry. You purchase only the packages, which will actually use them.’ The advantages are obvious: ‘comprehensive complete solutions are costly to purchase and often contain features that don’t require companies in the end.’ The Brainworks team installed the Web-based application once on-site.

Employees apply the configuration after an introductory training by the professionals themselves via Web browser. Whether medium-sized companies or global player: eMODAT always the needs of the respective business adapts. Depending on the size and activity focus the application user-friendly features can be. Read more here: Apple Inc.. Customers always decide what licenses they require for their activities. Service technicians and hoteliers estimate including the photo module while the health benefits from the HL7 integration in the common hospital information system. ‘ Companies that work in the professional life only with PDF and Excel formats, require no data export module for external data exchange. The Interestingly, for example, for homes that use the SAP software,’, Henry lit.

The development of individual elements is possible at any time. ‘ Come to customers with new ideas on us, we first examine them on their use potential for the remaining market. The proposals for other companies are interesting, we standardize the components and the development costs for the most part. So both sides win.’ Company contact Brainworks GmbH phone + 49 30 8145332-0 info(at)devacon.eu press contact knoefler-journalist. media + communications GmbH Anastasija bar Inova, Benjamin Knofler phone + 49 6028 80729-0 devacon(at)kj-media.com over eMODAT: eMODAT is a development of Brainworks GmbH with seat in Ahrensfelde in Berlin. Since 2006, the software specialist designed mobile solutions based on the BlackBerry IT structure. eMODAT can be adapted to individual customer requirements when you create mobile forms. It is also possible, in the forms different Issues with functions and database-based fields to combine. The OTA transmission of data ensures maximum flexibility and agility of the user.