Gorky Gazelle

People's habit of affectionately – the diminutive name car manufacturers have noticed long ago. In Soviet times, when all the "liberties" were not honored, the official factory-alpha – numeric designation of a model is fast becoming a well-known "penny", "Six" and "nine". And further to popular rumor, they have to – another, and not perceived. This is true and cars, and trucks. For example, in different years, trucks and dump trucks Zil 130, to which the large family car, officially Offered in a variety of acronyms, such as the ZIL-MMZ 555 or ZIL-4314, but the people they are still referred to as stotridtsatymi – which has already become a household name With the advent of market economy, consumer psychology has to have a greater value for producers. Following Gorky Gazelle, released a family of plant zil medium-duty trucks with a similar meaning to the title – "Bull". Machine immediately began to enjoy good demand in the Russian market, and the name had to be buyers, too, for the soul.

Sales of trucks, delivery van and machinery on this chassis has allowed the plant to find its niche in this market segment. In fairness it should be noted that even in Soviet times ZILovskie designers worked to create a truck in the vysokosorostnogo the chassis of the government limousines. The car was very unusual not only for its technical characteristics, but also externally. For the original look of an experimental model called the creators of "". But, unfortunately, to the production of it then never came New models of the plant zil advance guided by vivid imagery titles that should appeal to buyers. Family of "Centaur" and "tapir" have already been presented as a promising development of the plant at several auto shows in 2007-2008. I wonder how will align marketing strategy of the plant in light of the agreements disclosed zil with Chinese partners. Howo dump trucks and other models of heavy equipment on the Chinese plan to collect a license to ZILovskih powers. Perhaps, then, in a model line of the plant appear more glamorous name, given China's already culture and mentality?