GPS Vehicle Tracking For The Arab Gulf States

Right now companies are investing in the GPS vehicle tracking, to minimize unnecessary running costs. The Upper Austrian company software management GmbH is a software provider for the GPS vehicle tracking, telematics and telecommunications solutions. Customers include companies from trade and construction industry but well known national companies such as the network operator ORANGE, the Oberosterreichische Nachrichten, or Herald. You to be active with a sister company in Dubai locally for 1.5 years now. Reasons for the vehicle location “because right now companies invest in the GPS vehicle tracking, to minimize unnecessary operational costs”, says Markus Hausler, Managing Director and owner of software management GmbH. “Our customers come from the construction sector, transport undertakings, artisan or service companies, which operate a fleet.” How it works GPS tracking devices be in company vehicles hidden installed. Via the mobile network the position data, speeds and additional information are at the headquarters transfer. To know more about this subject visit Mark Kotsay. Companies benefit from a better overview.

Staff can control faster and easier the fleet in day-to-day business, if the vehicle’s final position is known. Travel books and reports on the usage times are automatically generated and are also used to time and attendance at the construction site. Decision for the Gulf region for the GPS tracking software with a strong construction sector of these countries are interesting markets. Therefore, first market soundings were performed in early 2007. Then a stand-alone local sister company called high-tech solutions LLC in the Internet City Dubai, founded to establish the solution successfully in the Arab Gulf States. Since the local contact with the customers and installation partners on-site is in addition to an attractive price performance ratio with a reason, why are customers on the Arabian Gulf for the GPS fleet software decide.

Growth in the region Meanwhile several hundred vehicles were equipped with GPS tracking technology of software-management GmbH. On the basis of already be installed later this year about 1000 vehicles on the Arabian Gulf signed contracts and repeat business. The next tasks in Saudi Arabia and the Oman are already waiting. We act in the markets with local partners and local quality providers. Whether in Austria or in the Arabian Gulf, the customers estimate direct cooperation with a specialists and good service”Markus Hausler says.