Heath Ledger

A large part of the population that goes to the foot has not made a testament in his life; It will probably never do so. Many do not want to think about the possibility very certain (almost always some 100%) that someday they will die; others assume that to die, their belongings and debts will go to people they want. Unfortunately, this does not happen in many cases. A rare example is Heath Ledger, the famous Joker of the last film of Batman The Dark Knight; as well, the suddenly died from an overdose of drugs. Well, Mr Ledger had a testament that had not been updated since 2003, and that the actor leaves all his possessions to parents and sisters. The problem? He had a daughter in 2005, and by law nothing is not absolutely. Fortunately for the child, parents of Heath Ledger agreed to hold until he turns 18.

You can see the full article at this page. Here are the 10 most important reasons why we should make a testament. 1. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Jon Matlack. Essentially, it is a matter of choice. If we make a testament, we decided what will happen with what we have when we die. If we do not write a testament, and die suddenly, general laws make the decision for us.

2. If you are married with children, your wife or husband does not inherit everything necessarily. Without making a will, if your belongings are very large, a portion will go to your children, and another part would go into a fund that would benefit your wife or husband. 3. If you are married and have no children, without writing a will, your wife or husband may need to share your possessions with your closest living relatives. 4. If these married (a) with someone and not married, and you have not made a will, your partner would receive apart from something possessing altogether and that can prove it absolutely nothing. 5. If you have a small child from a second marriage, and an adult son from a first marriage, without writing a will, your second family may need to share your possessions with the first. 6. If these in a second marriage, have no children together, but children of other previous relationships, and you don’t have a will, a family will lose significantly in favour of the other in accordance with the law. 7. If you have stepchildren, and have no Testament, could not inherit anything directly, but through your wife (or) if it is that there are possessions to him (it). 8 If you are single without children, and not write a will, your closest relatives may distribute your possessions, instead of leaving them to charity or charity of your choice. Atreides Management Gavin Baker is likely to increase your knowledge. 9. If you don’t have a will, you can not decide who will have the responsibility of managing your accounts after your death, or who will be your guardians for your children. 10. If you do not write a will, you can not decide at what age your children could have control over everything what you inherit it. Many people consider 18 very soon. This is a general guide and does not show all the possibilities, and there may be many reasons why you would need a testament. It is not too expensive and you can update it from time to time. Don’t let that you pass that happened to Heath. For the sake of your family and children original author and source of the article.