HTPC Media Center

Digital media directly on the local Mac Media Center play and edit with familiar applications. With the proliferation of digital media, strongly increased in the last few years the age of classical stereo systems and video recorders is coming to slow the end. Several studies of the industry association BITKOM and surveys of the Institute GFK show already for a long time that the physical sound carriers (CD) displaced across online music loses more and more importance. In February 2010, Apple has communicated to have sold the music store so far ten billion songs through its iTunes and continued double-digit growth rates. With some delay, this also applies digital film material, which is always more frequently online obtained and consumed. If you are not convinced, visit Hubie Brooks. In addition to the online sales channels such as Apple iTunes, Musicload, maxdome, and other online stores for digital media ensure not least, portals such as YouTube or ClipFish consumed for a rapid growth of the online media. Convenient to the songs over the Internet-related videos, movies and photos in the living room to be able to consume, there are different solutions currently on the market. Already the elderly DBOX II could submit movies and music from a drive on the local network on the TV in a modified version.

By the very complicated setup this system could never prevail in the masses. Already for some years HTPC devices are offered (home theater personal computer) – in the original standard PCs, which are suitable due to their compact design suitable for use in the living room. An HTPC can replace the DVD player or recorder, CD player, TV receiver and video recorder with its variety of functions and integrate in a single device. An HTPC with Windows either running Windows XP Media Center Edition or uses Windows 7, which will provide the Media Center functions in each version. However, the significant disadvantage that the media centre functions autonomously are available and the media without additional software from third-party manufacturers do not or only with increased effort has an HTPC with Windows can be processed.