Israelites Word

An invitation to think there is an ancient science where the names are a pre-announcement of the personality of its owners. There is a previous belief still born scientists sealants (worshipers of the Hermes Dios), where names were Cryptograms or subjective representations of your holders; sometimes messages likely to be Interpretados through the hermeneutics. Thus for example the word AMEN in Spanish is generically accepted as so and is used as a distinctive word of a form of writing religious there are many instances where this name appears in the Bible. On the other hand it is convenient to note that they love, it is a word that in transliterated form is the same as in Egyptian, Hebrew language, latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon, English and Spanish. I do note that Hebrew old God the father was identified with the AHMAN word of curious parallel with AMEN. AHMAN is a title given to God for the Israelites in captivity in Egypt.

This name was known by the Egyptians and applied to some of their deities, written with some deformations, e.g.: AMON RA. In relation to these interesting definitions, the biblical Jewish encyclopedia noted in its definition of AMEN, that its meaning is identico for Jews and Mohammedans, adding to its manifestation of acquiescence! that something fervent happens, that this word is also formed by the initials of to Melej Neeman Hebrew: God, true King, this knowledge is a powerful support to the definition which the Bible Dictionary makes this as old word which defines as; Firm. Faithful and true. It continues to be significant, that love is the third person of the imperative of the verb AMAR, since the biblical Scripture says that God is love. Moreover, it is interesting to note the origin of the names of many things that make up the reality surrounding the subject (I this situated in an activity of consciousness which we cannot access on the eve of the reason therefore we call the unconscious).