Japanese Cuisine

Despite its essential difference from any other cuisine, Japanese has long been a favorite and familiar to many Europeans. So that we can apply the traditional Japanese restaurant I: rolls, spicy rolls, warm rolls, sushi, gunkan sushi, sushi box, temeki, sashimi and various soups and desserts. Many people fell in love with Japanese food so much that they began to cook exotic dishes at home. At home, unfortunately, is not always possible preparation of certain dishes, for example, is not recommended to work with fresh, not processed fish. Well if you do decide to learn Japanese cuisine, we recommend you start with the simple – roll. So, check your arsenal It should include: capacity of cooking rice, bamboo mat for wrapping rolls, a very sharp knife with a thin blade to cut resulting in a subsequent roll, actually rice (most suitable kruglozernovoy), nori, rice vinegar, salt, sugar (the latter three ingredients needed for cooking sauce), wasabi and ginger. As the filling choose for the first time salmon or tuna, which can dilute the avocado ogrutsom, green onions, also a wonderful complement to a Philadelphia cheese.

The first step – cook rice properly. In the end it must be 'sticky' so out of it clung to the land freely. So, after you cook the rice, necessarily need to cool down to room temperature – then it will be convenient and comfortable to work with him. Further, there is nothing complicated – just distribute the rice to the nori, leaving little space to later Wrap roll. Then it all depends on your imagination – fill the roll than your heart desires. The main thing to choose the right combination. Experiment! Welcome to our restaurant sushi boom, if you want quality dining or reap, your service is not only the finest Oriental cuisine, but also excellent service.