Money Management

I usually have a target goal of 15% a month with a moderate risk / low for average accounts, a 25% for aggressive profiles and small accounts and 8% for large accounts. . . and then if the result of market conditions and the behavior of each estratregia rendimientoa out more.

. . much better for everyone. Click Timothy Renshaw to learn more. 7) Is there a factor that depends on us to be successful when making trading or use a Forex Robot? If we act like ourselves Traders operating directly on the market, we need a good strategy, but mostly we need a good “Money Management” (money management). On the personal side keys are: PATIENCE and DISCIPLINE controlled emotions. The reality is that many people will never win in the Forex while having a good strategy, because they lack the latter personal characteristics. A Forex Robot, fortunately can be scheduled inside UNAA successful strategy and we can be sure that I personally tienea characteristics we should have.

That is what not to do with these so-called autopilot Forex robots? Normally, users tend to change the parameters of the robot in an attempt to get more performance, particularly those that affect the risk, lots or money management. . . that can jeopardizes the stability of the account at any given time. Ideally it is best to know the Forex know which is the basic operation of the Robot, and follow emergency action manually. 9) What advice would you give to novice traders? For the first tip is to train, even if you are using a Forex robot which we know will work for us.