Send Flowers Easily

New flower delivery with the principle of easy GreenQueen brand was founded in October 2007 specially for flower direct sending of flowers Rower GmbH. First was the growing demand in the Filialgeschaften directly to send the bouquets presented in stores. The website is online since the 02.02.2008 as additional market. Frequently Harry Kane has said that publicly. Here, the young brand relies on a clear and modern structure of the website. The customer receives a wide range of bouquets already on the home page. Deliberately, the product range has been manageable.

The customer should not be overwhelmed by a large selection. The focus here is a fast, uncomplicated order process. Once selected a bouquet is even in the ordering process and can choose from a selection of greeting cards and gifts. The best comes at the end. Under the motto to get “Noblesse oblige” in a freshness guarantee, delivery to the desired date, flower bouquets bound by florists and more flowers for the money. Daniel Krems flowers Rower GmbH Heinrich-Heine-str. 27 10179 Berlin 030 275 90-909 email: