Claudia Hussmann

Other behavior you want but that your dog then shows exactly, if you give him the signal – such as for example when sitting down. The puppy should do it if you tell dogs learn basic hands much more easily than words. In contrast to us humans, they communicate mainly through body language, not vocalizations. But they can learn the meaning of certain words and link them with a particular course of conduct. The fastest that is when the puppy has already learned the behavior and you the Word shortly before the behavior say. If your puppy has for example five times was rewarded for sitting down, the likelihood that he will be back, is very large. You say now every time, if it makes institutions to put “Seat”, it will connect the two things very quickly with each other. Of course, you should reward your puppy often. You can take a small test after several repetitions: Legend “Sit” without you to move and if your puppy had something completely different in mind than sitting down. What happens? The kid sits down – super, congratulations congratulations – or he looks at you blankly. That’s not bad. Repeat the above exercise just a few more times and try again. But he does not always if you think that your puppy can now sit on the signal “Seat”, unfortunately I must disappoint you. You’ll quickly find that it works wonderfully without distraction. But once a leaf flies, drives a car passing by, children run or he sees his dog play buddy, it’s been not far with the ‘seat’. What is it? Dogs learn very ambient and generalize very badly. Why must you the “Seat” now on possible do many places with various distractions. Best you overreacting so slowly that your puppy always manages to put the distractions. Want it times doesn’t work, help him with hand signals or treats. The distraction was then still too big. Believe me, the puppy makes it not so not to upset you, but because he still can’t do it in this situation. If you change your focus and look at the things that you like and you rewarded them exactly, you can educate simply and with lots of fun conclusion your puppies. It needs neither suppression nor violence or coercion. I hope that more and more people recognize and deal with their dogs. Yet a closer approach here is explained. Claudia Hussmann