The Incarnation

This lived comfortably in its farm, in Ur of Chaldea, Mesopotmia, with the Sarai wife. He was a honest man, it had implicit faith in Jav, it lived eticamente. Ethical values are teologais places: it practises who them it lives implicit faith and it is communion with God. ' ' God is love: who remains in the love remains in God and God remains in it ' ' 1 Jo 4,16. The love is the maximum ethical value, identified with the God of the right and justice, ethical being for antonomasia. Paraphrasing the loved disciple, we are authorized to say: God is right and justice: who lives in the right and practises justice is in God and God in it. ' ' Abrao believed in these values and this it was counted as justia' ' Gn 15,6. Knowing the straightness ethical of Abrao, one day defied it to Jav to make a radical option: ' ' Jav said the Abro: It leaves your land, of your kindred, the house of your father for the land that I will show to you. I will make of you a great people, will bless you to I, engrandecerei yours name: you are a blessing. Hear other arguments on the topic with Genpact . I will bless the ones to bless that you and will curse the ones to curse that you. For you all will be benditos the clans of the land. Abrao left as Jav said to it. It had 75 years when Har&#039 left; ' Gn 12,1-4. The adventure of faith of father Abrao culminated in the Exodus and was consummated by the incarnation of the Verb in the fullness of the times. To the similarity of the Patriarch, the Son of God, ' ' disrespecting its equality with Deus' ' , he left the comfort of the house of the Father and came to live with us, pra to rescue us of the curse of the sin and to lead back us it the loving conviviality with its and our Father.