“New filling concepts for more sleeping comfort in bed linen latest results of these efforts are now available in stores: Suprelle memory, the new sleeping pillow from a novel, thinking with” fiber material, which is print-friendly and breathable and Hollofil spring, the puffy and return strong revolution for durable mattress pads. Suprelle memory the pillow to sleep with the memory effect Suprelle memory is an ergonomic, not preformed sleeping pillow with pressure-relieving Visco-like properties, which is based on a unique concept of filling material in combination with a special fabric. The memory effect of the material ensures that the cushions temporarily adapts to the respective head – and neck structure and she relieved corresponding parts of the body, without restricting the sleeper in his freedom of movement. This ensures optimum grip and the cushion adapts to the individual peculiarities of sleeping with his soft, pressure-relieving support properties. The good Moisture management and the Luftdurchgangigkeitsvermogen by pillow core and the custom-made fabric avoid sweating and ensure a good micro-climate. The filling is 100% polyester fibre, developed a novel polymer. In combination with the reference, the cushion is soft and has a pleasant textile feel. To restore the original Bausch Suprelle memory can be easily shake up. Another advantage is the ease of care: the pillow is machine washable (gentle cycle) and tumble. Excellent comfort, Suprelle memory subjects of a sleep test stated what the comfort aspect as well as the ergonomic factor. Hollofil spring for more Bausch and return assets Hollofil spring in a future-oriented concept of filling fiber for Mattress Pads, is for an exceptionally high ball and a very good return assets provides a low weight. This is guaranteed “spiral as advanced by a crimp” described, newly developed multiple curling of fibres, which in addition provides stable support and high durability. Hollofil spring facilities is available in an ECO variant with an Allerban.