Lenovo Attempts

Lenovo was developing a Tablet PC, known internally as the LePad, that it would exist in the operating system Google Android, said the Wednesday July 21, 2010 Wu Hwa, spokeswoman for the company, adding that a release date had not fixed and that the product could be renamed. We want to make the Tablet PC compatible with our smart phones LePhone, which is why we are using Android, Wu said. LePhone is smart phone available in China Lenovo, sold by China Unicom, which also uses Android. It is estimated that Tablet PC shipments will grow by an average of 57.4 per cent per year between 2010 and 2014, said IDC research firm, turning the sector into a lucrative growth area for the companies that sell laptop converted into massive sales products. Tablet PC already caught the attention of major companies in computers, such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell and now Lenovo, when they attempt to diversify beyond personal laptops that theoretically offer low profit margins. The iPad Apple, released in April, sold 3.27 million units in the second quarter, causing that the iSuppli research company revised upward its forecast for year-round shipping for the product to 13 million units of 7.1 million units..