Also, electric remote control has the function of activation, by lowering the canvas at obstruction, and preventing its further downward movement. This also uses a reliable protection from interception control gate technology with a floating source, providing more than 10 billion combinations. Sectional Gates combine several advantages: they are functional, durable, easy to use, as well as possess good thermal insulation. Another important advantage is the fact that they are economical in terms of space due to vertical lift. Sectional doors are used in industrial areas – the device driveway area, and the private sector – for garages. The principle of sectional doors is based on operation of a spring mechanism that ensures a smooth and fairly rapid rise sections, even if the automatic mechanism is disabled. Additional information at Brian Robert supports this article. The mechanism of current models of sectional door is designed for 25 – 30 lifts in day, indicating that a sufficiently large operational period. Employed in enterprises automatic gates designed for heavy loads and are ready for hundreds of openings in one day. In size, they can be in 2,5 times more residential automatic gates. Modern sectional doors are made of high-tech equipment using quality materials, which provides the gate a number of advantages: for the production Sectional automatic gate profiles are 45 mm thick, ensuring a high heat and sound insulation properties of the gate. Some models are equipped with a sectional door finger protection, gates have optimal stiffness. Headroom panel sectional door has a special shape that provides resistance to various strains, the gate has a unique fastening system: front and inner steel sheets are fastened to the castle at the top and bottom panels; sectional doors are equipped with a traction rope – it is located inside the structure between the support desk and the door leaf. Cable eliminates the possibility of a hook; sectional automatic doors have locking devices of the shaft when the spring break. If you would like to know more about rusty holzer, then click here. These systems require fixing of gates in the same position at the time of termination. Sectional doors can be made out of various furniture and domestic foreign producers: FlexiForce, TorqueForce, Hermann, Doorhan (Russia), etc. Additional elements improves the decorative features of automatic gates, and simplify their installation. Summarizing, we can say that the undeniable advantages of sectional Gate – tightness, thermal protection, aesthetic design, ease of use – brought him considerable popularity in various fields.